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digital piano midi controller: Is the article you’re on the lookout for proper?

Nowadays, you will get tons of options on a digital piano. These contains however not restricted to a number of piano sounds, a whole bunch of different instrument sounds, multi-monitor recording, layering and so on. For many, these are greater than sufficient. But in case you are one of many few that wishes extra, you might want to perceive how one can use your digital piano as MIDI controller. I’ll attempt to clarify why you may wish to do this, how you are able to do that and what you want to have the ability to do this.

What Is MIDI?

MIDI is an acronym for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. And a MIDI Controller is any instrument or laptop software program that may transmit MIDI knowledge to MIDI-compatible gadgets that are in a position to interpret them into corresponding musical parameters and produce sounds accordingly. The earliest MIDI Controller have been made to be separate devices with singular capacity of transmitting MIDI knowledge, however no capacity to offer out sounds on their very own.

MIDI Controllers are nonetheless designed and outlined that approach, however many digital pianos have now bridged that hole, being MIDI-capable and having inbuilt audio system that play the sound. MIDI options have now develop into a part of the important options that folks lookout for in fashionable-day digital pianos.

While a variety of pianists are usually not pondering of changing into skilled music producers, most of them is not going to thoughts MIDI options of their pianos. After all, nothing dangerous in getting a 2-in-1 musical instrument that works properly.

Benefits of Using a Digital Piano as a MIDI Controller

You may surprise, then what precisely are the variations between a digital piano and a MIDI controller? Now, other than the power to offer out sound, digital pianos produce other advantages over standard MIDI Controllers. Let’s verify these advantages out.

MIDI Features and Speakers

While digital pianos have inbuilt sounds and audio system, a MIDI Controller doesn’t and it’ll want the assistance of an exterior supply of sound. MIDI Controllers can solely transmit MIDI data that might replicate musical parameters corresponding to notes and their intensities when performed.

In quick, with a digital piano, you get the power to create, ship, obtain, and play MIDI knowledge; all in a package deal of a musical instrument.

Multi-instrument Sounds

Apart from the power of a digital piano to imitate the sound of an acoustic piano, it will possibly additionally mimic the sounds of a wide range of musical devices to completely different levels and high quality (relying on the sort you purchase and your budge). A digital piano will due to this fact give you sounds of a number of devices (strings, organs, grand pianos, and so on.).

Although we could have several types of MIDI Controllers, relying on how MIDI knowledge is being transferred, it must be famous that MIDI Controllers have been initially designed with pianos in thoughts. With time, some fashions of MIDI Controllers have been designed to copy the sounds of different devices as properly to go well with the style of people that have no real interest in piano and so they have been categorised as Alternative MIDI Controllers. So we could have Wind MIDI Controllers, Stringed Instruments Controllers, Drum and Percussion Controllers, and so forth. Yet, a MIDI Controller will solely have the ability to replicate the parameters of the actual instrument it was designed to imitate.

Key Action

A digital piano seeks to copy the texture of an acoustic piano and the keys are typically heavy, absolutely-weighted and enhanced with contact sensitivity mechanisms. However, most MIDI Controller weren’t made with acoustic pianos in thoughts, so the keys are mild with no contact sensitivity mechanism.
Therefore, if what you’re on the lookout for is a totally-weighted keyboard, a MIDI Controller might not be the most effective for you. Also, an aspiring pianist will profit extra from a digital piano by publicity to a rewarding acoustic expertise. With a digital piano, you’re in a position to really discover ways to play an acoustic instrument with higher evaluation of your true expertise. Therefore, you gained’t have a lot downside sooner or later whenever you lastly transition into an acoustic participant.

Best On Budget

While most MIDI Controllers do not need weighed keys, some fashions additionally characteristic 88 absolutely-weighted keys like actual acoustic pianos. But these sorts normally break the bank and whenever you examine them with a digital piano of the identical key high quality, you’ll understand that the later is sort of cheaper.

So if you happen to’re a low price range music producer, a digital piano could also be the most effective place to start out your music manufacturing journey. Just ensure you search for one designed with music creation in thoughts, furnished with acceptable connections.

Ease of Use and Aesthetic Appeal

A digital piano is a plug-and-play instrument, in contrast to a MIDI Controller that may want particular a number of connections and software program installations. So if you happen to’re not the techy kind and solely want to make music as simply as attainable, a digital piano is advisable.

Also, some digital pianos are simply so attractive that they would be the heart of attraction each time they seem in your lounge. So, If you need your instrument to be simply as engaging as they might give out immersive sounds, then a digital piano is your best option. They give superior sounds and so they have inbuilt audio system, making them the perfect devices on your house leisure and mini-live shows for a small viewers.

What You Can Do With MIDI

As a music creator, MIDI options are essential to you and digital pianos have made it accessible to one and all. With your digital piano, now you can file music, save in MIDI format; then export to your laptop the place you may edit each parameter word after word, monitor after monitor utilizing your favourite DAW software program and VST results; then mix every word and monitor; and save in audio format for the world to listen to. With your digital piano performing the works of a MIDI Controller, you are able to do all these on the nook of your room with no inconvenience.

Use MIDI For Learning

Applications corresponding to Flowkey, Piano Marvel, Piano Tutor, and Skoove will offer you nice options for studying how one can play piano with ease. Many of those are interactive and may really take heed to your play with immediate suggestions.

Use MIDI To Create Your Own Music

If you already know how one can play piano, then purposes like Logic Pro X, GarageBand and Cubase 10 are Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) that may give you superior interfaces for making music with leisure. These software program present skilled features so that you can create and compose your personal music.

Use MIDI For More Awesome Sounds

Many readers have requested me to advocate digital pianos with genuine piano sounds in addition to nice organ/string or different instrument profiles. Thing is, these additional sounds on a digital piano are nearly at all times mediocre. The answer is to really use MIDI and VSTs for genuine sound profiles. Pianoteq 6, Keyscape and EastWest Quantum are some common Virtual Studio Technology (VSTs) purposes that provides you with entry to extra musical devices than your actual studio can provide you.

Guide To Connect Your Digital Piano To A Computer/Smart Device

Using Cables

The following are the cable(s) you’ll primarily want to attach your digital piano to your laptop or different gadgets. What you will want relies on the ports accessible in your gadgets, however when you safe the correct cable (s), connecting them could be very simple.

Different Ports & Plugs

Before I present  you the cables you want and how one can join your gadgets together with your digital piano, it could be simpler to indicate you all of the completely different elements, plugs and what they appear to be. Use the photographs to grasp what ports you’re coping with and discover the corresponding cables you want. If a selected cable is troublesome to search out, you may at all times appears for adapters. For instance, if you happen to want a USB Type B to Micro USB cable and that’s laborious to search out, simply use a Micro USB to Type A adapter + a Type A to Type B cable. There might be a number of options and simply select whichever is simpler and cheaper for you.

Micro USB:

USB Type A:

USB Type B:

USB Type C:

MIDI In/Out:

Lightning Port:

Device Port Digital Piano Port Cables Needed USB Type A Port USB Type B port USB Type A to B cable USB Type C Port USB Type B port USB Type B to C cable Lightning Port USB Type B port Lightning to USB Camera
Adapter + USB Type A to B Micro USB USB Type B port USB Type B to Micro USB USB Type A Port MIDI In/Out Ports USB Type A to MIDI USB Type C Port MIDI In/Out Ports USB Type C to MIDI Lightning Port MIDI In/Out Ports Lightning to USB Camera
Adapter + USB Type A to MIDI Micro USB MIDI In/Out Ports Micro USB to MIDI

Guide To Connect Your Digital Piano To Your Computer As A MIDI Controller


  • A Digital piano with MIDI in/out ports or a USB Type B port.
  • A pc with USB port.
  • The appropriate cables/adapters
  • A MIDI software program or DAW put in in your system.


  • If you’re attempting to make use of your piano’s MIDI in/out port, then join the MIDI in finish of your USB to MIDI adapter cable to the MIDI out port of your digital piano and join the USB mouth of your USB to MIDI adapter to your system. If you want to use your piano’s USB Type B port for the connection, then use your USB Type A to B cable, let its B-finish go into your piano whereas its A-finish goes into your laptop.
  • After the cable connection, the adapter/cable is meant to put in routinely and your laptop is meant to sign that it had acknowledged it. If not, you might be utilizing a defective adapter, discover one other one.
  • If your laptop has acknowledged the cable, then launch the put in MIDI software program in your laptop. Your MIDI software program will obtain the MIDI indicators out of your digital piano both routinely or manually. If you play the keyboard and also you discover no response from the software program, then you might want to go the guide methodology. You can do that by activating your USB to MIDI adapter because the enter system within the software program’s MIDI enter settings. After this, your software program is meant to be up and operating. And you can begin making music.

NOTE: some digital pianos require you to put in MIDI drivers in your system earlier than they will perform whereas some are plug-and-play and won’t require any drivers to perform. Refer to your piano guide to know what’s relevant to yours and the identify of the drivers if you will want one.

Guide To Connect Your Digital Piano To Your Android/iOS Device As A MIDI Controller

Using your Android or iOS gadgets as a MIDI interface affords you the flexibleness of creating your personal music as conveniently as attainable. With your good gadgets and the quite a few music-making and piano-learning purposes accessible on Apple Store and Google Play Store, you’re open to large options that may make your music-making and piano-playing experiences problem-free.

Connecting your good gadgets to your digital piano with the hope of creating the later a MIDI Controller may appear daunting in the beginning, nevertheless it turns into fairly simple when you do it the primary time. Unlike your laptop, your good gadgets may require two cables for the arrange as a result of they’re not furnished with common measurement USB ports.

Via Bluetooth MIDI

Nowadays, many digital pianos include constructed-in Bluetooth perform. That’s a godsend if you happen to hate wires like me.

However, earlier than you recover from excited or resolve to purchase a brand new piano with Bluetooth, you might want to perceive that there are two varieties of Bluetooth on digital piano and so they perform very in a different way.

Bluetooth Audio: This is the know-how to stream audio indicators over Bluetooth. You can for instance stream your favourite music out of your good system and have the music popping out the audio system of the digital piano. This is beneficial in order for you your digital piano to double as a wi-fi speaker system. Remember, you may nonetheless play your piano whereas it’s streaming. This opens the likelihood to steam all the pieces else (devices and/or vocal) and fill within the piano play your self. Models that include Bluetooth Audio embody however not restricted to Casio PX S3000 and Yamaha P-515.

Bluetooth MIDI: Instead of audio sign, this perform permits MIDI knowledge to be despatched over Bluetooth. With it, you not want all these cables to attach and use your digital piano as a MIDI controller. Do bear in mind that any wi-fi answer would introduce latency. The lag of MIDI over Bluetooth has been improved within the current years however your expertise may differ relying on the necessities you employ. If the lag bothers you, change again to the cables.

Bluetooth Adapter

Now you is likely to be tried to exit and buy a digital piano with Bluetooth perform. Or you may begin to weight Bluetooth as a major benefit when evaluating digital pianos.

Before you make any sacrifice for Bluetooth, I wish to let you understand that there are adapters you need to use so as to add Bluetooth perform to any digital piano. They are moderately priced and you’ll find adapters for each Bluetooth Audio in addition to Bluetooth MIDI.


In conclusion, the usage of digital pianos as MIDI Controllers and quite a few progressive purposes accessible to individuals, there’s little question that music manufacturing will proceed to be fulfilling, simple and enjoyable. With the extent of management you now have over your music, there’s no excuse for you to not enhance at making good music day-after-day.

[Update] Can a Digital Piano be Used as a MIDI Controller? – Andyax Music | digital piano midi controller – Cazzette

Have you ever been contemplating utilizing a digital piano as a MIDI controller? Well, I’ve. I used to be lately on a hunt for a brand new midi controller for my music studio. This time I actually needed absolutely weighted keys. At the identical time, I actually needed a fairly weighted pockets.

Then it dawned on me: can I take advantage of a digital piano as a MIDI controller?Yes, you need to use a digital piano as a MIDI controller so long as it has a USB connection. But does that imply you must use a digital piano regardless? Its bigger measurement and restricted controllers may make it troublesome, nevertheless it all relies on what you want.

Let’s check out the variations between a Digital Piano and a MIDI controller in addition to revealing potential issues you might want to learn about when utilizing a digital piano as a MIDI controller.

Digital Piano VS MIDI Controller

The variations between a digital piano and a MIDI controller have been tougher to pinpoint the previous few years. They can each provide you with an exquisite performing – in addition to producing expertise.

There are, nonetheless, some key traits that differentiate them:

Digital piano

  • Emulates the sound and really feel of an actual piano. They are a lot lighter than actual, acoustic pianos, however on the whole heavier than a MIDI Keyboard and controller.
  • Because their major aim is to emulate an actual piano, the keys are absolutely weighted and spring-loaded.
  • Has constructed-in audio system which frequently goals to create an analogous resonance really feel that actual pianos have.
  • Therefore, they typically really feel extra correct to play for pianists.
  • Price ranges from actually low-cost to actually costly.
  • Based by myself expertise, they have a tendency to final you longer than a MIDI controller.

MIDI keyboard/controller

  • In normal, they’ve lighter and smaller keys. Most of them don’t attempt to emulate the sound and really feel of an acoustic piano.
  • They include all kinds of controllers. Faders, knobs, wheels, and show. Resulting in an “all-in-one” answer which fits rather well together with your VST libraries.
  • Often comes with extra software program of synths, sampled devices, and so on.
  • MIDI keyboards have constructed-in audio system. MIDI controllers don’t. They are supposed to make use of together with your laptop.
  • Their entry-degree value is less expensive than a digital piano, nevertheless it rapidly begins to get dearer when including absolutely weighted, full–sized keys to the combo.
  • Don’t anticipate the cheaper ones to final you a lifetime.  

The Positives When Used as a MIDI Controller

1. Fully weighted 88 keys is one of the best ways to be taught and file piano music

If you’re a pianist or need to be taught to play piano in addition to for music manufacturing, you want truthful, absolutely weighted 88 keys in your setup.

Why, you ask?

Because studying how one can play on absolutely weighted keys proper from the get-go, makes the transition into enjoying on an actual piano a lot, a lot simpler. I additionally discover absolutely weighted keys to offer a way more truthful efficiency and better management of my enjoying.

Personally, I began studying the piano on an outdated keyboard that my father obtained me. And whereas it kick-began my curiosity in studying, it didn’t do me any favors after I needed to impress a lady I used to be into on the time. Up till that second, I believed I used to be a very good piano participant. But the upright piano within the nook of the varsity cantina proved me flawed. The keys have been sooo heavy!

And I used to be like; “oh, I am just not used to play on such old pianos..”

She was not impressed.

So please, on your personal sake, discover ways to play on absolutely weighted keys!


Okay, let´s transfer on.

2. If you’re on a price range and really need 88 absolutely weighted keys

Fully weighted, full-sized MIDI controllers (88 keys) are typically actually costly. Most 88 keys MIDI controllers are within the vary of $500 and upwards. You can, nonetheless, get a totally weighted, full-sized digital piano for underneath $500.

Just guarantee that it has a USB connection, so you need to use it together with your laptop!

3.Family leisure, mini live shows and social gatherings

A digital piano is ideal if you happen to and your loved ones wish to sing songs collectively at Christmas or if you’re going to play at your greatest buddy´s wedding ceremony reception/get together and so forth. I believe you get my drift!

Digital pianos have constructed-in audio system (most even have a headphone enter) so that you don’t want any extra software program or connection to a pc to get sound out of it.

So if you end up not utilizing it as a MIDI controller, you may simply deliver your digital piano to the lounge and entertain the heck out of your dinner company.

4. If you want the piano to be part of the furnishings

Some digital pianos are simply amazingly aesthetic and would look improbable in your home if you happen to create music from house.

The Negatives When Used as a MIDI Controller

Using a digital piano isn’t at all times useful. Depending on what sort of musician you’re, typically a MIDI Keyboard/controller can be the higher possibility. Below you may learn an inventory which explains why:

1. Portability

Digital pianos are on the whole a lot heavier than a MIDI controller. You gained’t really feel particularly tempted to maneuver them round quite a bit in comparison with the way more moveable MIDI controllers.

And in case you are the touring kind, you most likely have a conveyable studio. Then it’s higher to go along with a light-weight MIDI controller.

2. If you don’t really want absolutely weighted keys

If you think about your self extra of a producer or are creating hip hop beats, digital music, and so on, you won’t want 88 absolutely weighted keys to do your job. But if you happen to nonetheless need 88 keys, you may go for the M- Audio Keystation 88, which I personally have owned 2 of. Despite simply having semi-weighted keys, it feels excellent for a really inexpensive value.


3. No faders, knobs or drumpads = no management

If you’re planning to make use of a variety of drum pads or VST midi results like assault, vibrato, legato, and so on., you completely MUST have a midi controller.

So, if you happen to purchase a Digital Piano, you might want to have a look at a further buy of an precise MIDI controller, so you may really use the midi results. Then you may rethink some issues as a result of it would find yourself costing you a similar as if you happen to simply purchased a little bit dearer MIDI controller with all of the options.

…Maybe much more.

4. A digital piano takes up extra space

As I ́ve already talked about, Digital piano is usually heavier in comparison with a MIDI keyboard and controller. They are greater in measurement too. If you’ve gotten restricted house in your studio/bed room, a digital piano may simply not be the perfect answer.

Are There any Risks of Using it as a MIDI Controller?

Well, there aren’t many main risks or dangers concerned by utilizing a digital piano as a MIDI controller. It gained’t explode or something. But there are some irritating issues you may face:


The sign out of your digital piano into your DAW is likely to be delayed. It really occurred to me after I used it with Logic Pro and the Grandeur piano VST from Native Instruments.

I can’t stress sufficient how FRUSTRATING it’s to press down the keys and the sound arrives a few milliseconds later! It makes it insufferable to reside file something.

The answer? Lower your buffer settings in your DAW till the latency i not noticeable anymore.

Less management

With no faders, buttons or different options that seamlessly lets your keyboard use VST MIDI Effects like “attack”, “legato” and “vibrato” you WILL want a further MIDI controller. Luckily there are a selection of choices on the market, so that you don’t have to fully empty your pockets.

However, not all exterior MIDI controllers are value your cash (I’ve some dreadful expertise right here) so you must anticipate to pay an honest price for a stable one. Personally, I purchased Palette Gear, which I’m overjoyed with. Why? Because of three easy causes:

  1. It is straightforward to put in and join together with your digital piano. It even provides you the chance to paint-code completely different MIDI results, which look actually cool!
  2. The faders are fairly lengthy, which supplies me extra management than shorter ones.
  3. It is available in a small, light-weight package deal, which makes it an important a part of my moveable studio when I’m on the street!


If you’ve gotten been contemplating Palette Gear, I can advocate it with all my coronary heart. It goes great with a digital piano. The value on Amazon fluctuates on a regular basis, so you’ll want to test it out to see in case you are in for a very good deal.

Your DAW won’t discover it

From time to time, your DAW (Logic Pro, Cubase, and so on.) or Kontakt plugin won’t acknowledge your digital piano. It has occurred to me, so I wanted to entry the MIDI settings on my laptop to see what was occurring.

What is the Best Solution?

For me to say what you must have is inconceivable. it relies on what you charge as an important elements.

To me, the texture and weight of the keys are extraordinarily vital. And it wanted to be a good-prized absolutely weighted 88 keys with audio system. The latter as a result of I needed to have an choice to additionally use this within the festive occasions of the 12 months!

If you aren’t restricted by price range and need 88 absolutely weighted keys, I’d advocate you get a totally weighted MIDI controller. Even although they are typically dearer, you’ll get some actually good sampled devices with them, in addition to the faders, knobs, and buttons.

In addition, they may also prevent from these looong nights of troubleshooting the potential downside areas talked about above.

The Komplete Kontrol S88 is my private favourite in the case of absolutely weighted MIDI controllers. I’ve tried this a number of occasions and I got here actually shut to purchasing it. The solely factor that stopped me was my price range. It is beloved by many. It is even an integral a part of the studio setup of movie composer Junkie XL. Do I have to say extra?

So, when you have been saving up for this, you may’t go flawed with this excellent MIDI controller from Native Instruments. See the present value on Amazon in case you are .

A extra inexpensive MIDI controller you too can take a better have a look at is the M-Audio Hammer 88. But since I’ve not examined it in particular person, I don’t really feel certified to advocate it.

What I Ended up With

Because of my price range, I ended up shopping for a digital piano – The Yamaha P-45. I rapidly fell in love after I examined it. I really assume it feels nearly pretty much as good to play as a few of the prime absolutely weighted MIDI controllers, such because the Komplete Kontrol S88.


Well, it fulfills my wants at the very least! My piano enjoying really obtained a lot better after I required this. I’m now contemplating making a solo piano album! That is how motivating it’s to have absolutely weighted keys. I can advocate this digital piano with none hesitation.

This digital piano will final you for at the very least 10 years and doubtless much more.

You ought to get the P-45 as a result of:

  • The wonderful high quality in comparison with the value it has on Amazon makes it an awesome deal that’s worth for cash!

Of course, the Yamaha doesn’t have any faders or knobs, so I did have to get a further MIDI controller to make use of with my string VSTs.

Personally, I used the AKAI MidiCombine for some time, till I found the superior Palette Gear.

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