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-====================Left 4 Dead Expert Difficulty Guide====================- by Jerryn Hur mrjhwar@hotmail.com (be happy to e-mail me feedback, solutions, questions) model 1.1(1/16/09) Copyright 2009 Jerryn Hur =Table of Contents= 1. Introduction 2. Weapons a. Tier 1 b. Tier 2 c. Others 3. Teammates 4. Enemies 5. Maps a. No Mercy b. Death Toll c. Dead Air d. Blood Harvest 6. Etc 7. Conclusion a. Version History b. Credits You can search a bit with ctrl+f -==========1. Introduction==========- Hey, thanks for studying my information. This information has all of the methods that I've discovered over hours of enjoying in expert. I additionally spent a couple of hours in single participant with cheats to collect some information. I hope this information helps you higher perceive and survive Left 4 Dead in expert. In Expert mode, the contaminated will do 20 injury from entrance and 10 injury from behind. The particular contaminated will incapacitate you from full well being inside 5 seconds after they get the possibility to. The tank will incapacitate you with one hit with any of his strikes and the witch will kill you in a single hit. Also, pleasant fireplace is EXTREMELY lethal as one hit will take off as little as about 10 well being to as a lot as 100 well being. Regular contaminated have 4 instances extra well being in expert than in straightforward. The tank will die by fireplace in 40 seconds no matter how a lot injury he took (I examined it myself utilizing cheats). In straightforward, he dies in 30 seconds. In expert, he took roughly 33 auto shotgun shells to die whereas in straightforward, he took about 15 pictures. The witch will die in 15 seconds by fireplace no matter issue. The witch in straightforward died by about 30 submachine gun bullets whereas the witch in expert took about 105 submachine gun bullets to die(All physique pictures). It's MUCH simpler to get cr0wnd in straightforward, nevertheless it nonetheless is feasible in expert. Difficulty doesn't appear to have an effect on the well being of particular contaminated. -==========2. Weapons==========- The following hyperlink is an internet web page with actually good info on the weapons: hellforge.gameriot.com/blogs/Hellforge/Left-4-Dead-Infected-Weapon-Statistics This internet web page has a extra detailed details about the weapons than my information. Every gun info in my information was discovered by me until I state it in the credit. If having this hyperlink here's a drawback, I'll take away it proper away. ==All proper, to begin with, ALL GUNS pierce partitions. Yes, even the shotguns. So be happy to shoot by means of the wall with any gun you have got when you've got a sense one thing is true behind it. Also, you'll be able to't hit your teammates by means of the wall so don't fret about it. ==Pistols, assault rifle, and submachine gun pierce contaminated ONCE. The bullet does the injury it ought to to the second contaminated. The looking rifle and each shotguns truly pierce infinite contaminated and does the injury it ought to to all of them. ==A head shot from any gun will kill an everyday contaminated. I examined it many instances to make certain. ==The weapons will do much less injury in vary. The Hunting rifle just isn't affected by vary, The assault rifle is barely affected, the submachine gun and pistol are affected fairly a bit, and each shotguns are severely affected by vary. The following part has info on the weapons. It will present variety of pictures required to kill enemies, execs and cons (+ for execs, - for cons), a common remark, and methods for the weapons. Here is a chart on variety of pictures required to kill enemies. These are from shut vary. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Head,Body,Leg | Regular | Hunter | Smoker* | Boomer | Witch ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Submachine Gun | 1, 6, 7| 4, 11,~18| ~4, 10,~30| 1, 3, 3|~55,~105,~105 Pump Shotgun | 1, 1, 1| 1, 1, 2| 1, 1, 2| 1, 1, 1| 1, 2, 2 Assault Rifle | 1, 4, 4| 2, 7,~12| ~3, ~8,~23| 1, 2, 2|~35, ~55, ~55 Auto Shotgun | 1, 1, 1| 1, 1, 2| 1, 1, 2| 1, 1, 1| 1, 2, 2 Hunting Rifle**| 1, 1, 1| 1, 3, 4| 1, 3, ~6| 1, 1, 1| 12, 12, 12 Pistol(s) | 1, 3, 4| 2, 6, 9| 2, ~7,~19| 1, 2, 2|~35, ~55, ~55 Melee*** | 1-6 | 4-5 | 4-5 | 4-5 | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tank takes this many pictures by these weapons to die 450 submachine gun 37 pump shotgun 270 assault rifle 33 auto shotgun 90 looking rifle 260 pistol(s) His head does NOT take additional injury ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *One factor I seen is that people who smoke take about thrice extra injury whereas they're tongue pulling. The information within the chart is NOT throughout tongue pulling. **The 12 head pictures with a looking rifle to kill a witch just isn't a typo. It's odd that head shot and physique shot would do the identical injury, however I examined a couple of instances and bought the identical outcomes. ***Melee is separate from gun injury. It will take 4-5 to kill a particular contaminated no matter how a lot gun injury they took. The 1-6 on common contaminated just isn't a typo. Some appear to die in 1 hit whereas others take as much as 6. I do not see a sample on what makes them take extra melee to die. Melee does NOT do injury to the witch or the tank(Not a good suggestion to attempt anyhow). =====a. Tier 1===== =Submachine Gun= +Decent vary +Short reload delays +Good shifting accuracy(higher than assault rifle) +Decent towards particular contaminated +Decent towards horde(with headshots) -Weakest injury per bullet out of all weapons -Runs out of ammo rapidly if not used rigorously -Does not knock common contaminated down General Comment: I'd say it's a balanced gun. It is healthier than the pump motion shotgun towards particular contaminated however I hate the way in which I've to preserve ammo. Not with the ability to knock common contaminated down means you'll be able to't gradual them down if you happen to occur to be operating away attempting to get to a great spot or the protected home. Strategies: Aim the top. It makes a whole lot of distinction. And attempt to not spray until it is a horde. Conserve your ammo if you happen to do not wish to run out. =Pump Action Shotgun= +Great single bullet injury +Very unlikely to expire of ammo +Great shifting accuracy +Pierces infinite contaminated +Decent towards horde +Knocks common contaminated down -Slow price of fireside -Limited vary -Not superb towards particular contaminated General Comment: An honest gun. It can kill a number of contaminated with one shot and knock them down making it favorable for maintaining distance whereas operating away if you occur to be in an open space. But it's weak towards particular contaminated. Its gradual price of fireside offers you just a few pictures to take them out, often about 2-3. You can nonetheless take them out if you're nicely conscious of the place they're and have a very good intention, however you should have a neater time taking them out with a submachine gun. Its restricted vary additionally makes it weak towards people who smoke which are distant. Strategies: RELOAD! Reload everytime you're not taking pictures! As lengthy as you do that, you'll very hardly ever run out of bullets in your chamber. And DO NOT let the chamber run out of ammo. If you let it go right down to 0, you'll do an additional reloading animation that takes a complete second. Not solely that, it additionally prevents you from firing whereas reloading. If you occur to let the chamber go empty, you'll be able to activate the additional reload animation forward of time by firing it. It's higher to do it forward of time as a substitute of later while you're in bother. =====b. Tier 2===== =Assault Rifle= +Good vary +Short reload delays +Best towards particular contaminated +Good towards horde(with headshots) -Runs out of ammo rapidly if not used rigorously -Does not knock common contaminated down General Comment: Pretty a lot a submachine gun with higher accuracy and extra injury. Still does not knock common contaminated down and tends to expire of ammo rapidly, however it's the greatest gun to make use of towards particular contaminated. Strategies: Just just like the submachine gun, intention for the top and do not spray until it is a horde. Conserve your ammo if you happen to do not wish to run out. Try not to maneuver whereas taking pictures as its shifting accuracy is a bit missing. =Semi-auto Shotgun= +Great single bullet injury +Unlikely to expire of ammo +Great shifting accuracy +Pierces infinite contaminated +Best towards horde +Good towards particular contaminated +Knocks common contaminated down -Limited vary -Not superb towards distant smoker General Comment: An enormous improve from the pump motion shotgun. The quicker price of fireside makes the okay shotgun to an superior gun. This is the BEST gun towards horde. It takes out so many with simply 2-3 pictures. Its solely weak point is its restricted vary. It's not an issue more often than not besides towards people who smoke that are distant(Ironically, it's nonetheless higher than the looking rifle at taking people who smoke which are tongue pulling you from vary). Strategies: RELOAD OFTEN! As lengthy as you do, you'll hardly ever run out of bullets in your chamber. And DO NOT let the chamber run out of ammo. If you let it go right down to 0, you'll do an additional reloading animation that takes a complete second. Not solely that, it additionally prevents you from firing whereas reloading. If you occur to let the chamber go empty, you'll be able to activate the additional reload animation forward of time by firing it. It's higher to do it forward of time as a substitute of later while you're in bother. =Hunting Rifle= +One shot kills an contaminated it doesn't matter what +Pierces infinite contaminated +Scope +Unlikely to expire of ammo +Best vary +Head shot to witch makes her flinch for a couple of seconds -HORRIBLE shifting accuracy! -Slow price of fireside -Must reload typically -Worst towards horde and particular contaminated out of tier 2 weapons General Comment: It's not a foul gun. It simply actually missing in comparison with the assault rifle and semi-auto shotgun. Its essential issues are its 15 bullet journal, gradual price of fireside, and HORRIBLE shifting accuracy. Its 15 bullet journal means you must reload typically. Unlike the shotgun, it doesn't take out a "whole bunch" with one bullet and it may possibly't fireplace whereas reloading. When a horde comes, you often expend the journal and reload a couple of instances when you melee the horde. It works, however you do not have to do that if you happen to use the opposite tier 2 weapons. Its gradual price of fireside makes it robust to kill particular contaminated. You often solely have 2-3 pictures to kill them earlier than they get you. To add to that, it takes 2-3 pictures to kill them until you headshot which is mostly laborious to do. You will certainly have a tougher time killing them with looking rifle than with the opposite tier 2 weapons. Finally, its horrible shifting accuracy simply makes the gun insufferable. If you are out within the open and a horde comes, good luck! It additionally means you'll be able to't run and shoot hunters. If a smoker tongue pulls you, that counts as shifting so you are principally screwed. Its vary is good, however vary just isn't that essential on this recreation. Taking out a few contaminated in vary won't do a lot. Trust me, I used this gun lots at first as a result of nobody else did making me really feel distinctive and as if I'm attempting to show a degree to others that this gun is sweet. But as soon as I bought expertise with the opposite weapons, I discovered that I used to be lacking out on lots. Good god, longest common remark ever.... >.> Strategies: Just do not forget that it kills contaminated in a single shot regardless of the place you shoot them. Try to hear rigorously for particular contaminated so you'll be able to take them out rapidly(Well you must at all times do this nevertheless it's particularly essential if you utilize this gun). Try to not shoot particular contaminated within the leg because it does much less injury. If you shoot the witch within the head whereas she continues to be sitting, she's going to flinch for a couple of seconds earlier than chasing you down. There ought to be sufficient time on your crew to spray her to demise earlier than she ever will get to you. =====c. Others===== =Pistol= +Unlimited ammo +Okay vary -Low price of fireside -15 ammo per journal -Poor towards horde -Poor towards particular contaminated General Comment: Amazingly, the pistol truly does barely extra injury per bullet than the assault rifle at shut vary. Its low price of fireside makes it unhealthy gun. You may have to make use of it to compensate the automated weapons' lack of ammo or the shotguns' lack of vary. Strategies: Shoot the top. This gun could be very pathetic if you happen to do not. Crouching will increase its accuracy fairly a bit. =Dual Pistols= +Unlimited ammo +Okay vary +High price of fireside(If you'll be able to click on quick) -30 ammo per journal -High recoil General Comment: Much higher. It now has some potential towards particular contaminated and horde. Strategies: Aim the top! Crouching helps cut back its recoil and improve its accuracy fairly a bit. =Melee= +Unlimited ammo +Available always +Pushes again contaminated AND particular contaminated +Affects many of the contaminated in entrance of you +Good towards horde +Frees teammates from particular contaminated -Does not injury tank or witch -Is separate from gun injury -Point clean vary -Slow price of fireside General Comment: Melee is ESSENTIAL on this recreation. If you are undecided what to do or if issues look unhealthy, melee is most certainly the reply. It does not do any injury to the witch or the tank so do not trouble(A dumb factor to do anyhow). It additionally immediately frees anybody who's smoker tongue pulled or hunter pounced. Strategies: You see any contaminated close by, melee it. It's so simple as that. If a horde comes at you from all angles, get to a nook or a room and melee. =Pipe Bomb= +Wipes out many of the contaminated within the space +Good to make use of on horde coming at a foul time -Worthless towards a tank -Very small injury in the direction of particular contaminated(took 15 to kill a hunter, 5 to kill a boomer) General Comment: The execs and cons says all of it. Strategies: Not a lot to say besides attempt to use it when there's a horde coming at a extremely unhealthy time. =Molotov Cocktail= +Best towards tank(40 seconds for him to die in expert) +Good in choke factors -Not as dependable as pipe bomb towards horde -REALLY harmful to survivors General Comment: This is THE method to kill a tank in expert. Just be sure to do not unintentionally kill your teammates. Strategies: Try to throw it a bit in entrance of the tank as a substitute of proper at it. I missed so many instances attempting to throw it proper the place the tank is. Once the tank is on fireplace, JUST RUN! No level in taking pictures him because the fireplace is on a timer as a substitute of truly doing injury to the tank. You may apply it to choke factors like doorways when a horde comes, nevertheless it's actually not mandatory in these conditions since you'll be able to simply cease them from coming by means of together with your gun. It will also be used to cease contaminated from coming from one aspect if they're coming from many sides. Still, you must attempt to save these for tanks. =Gas Can= +Good for tanks +Good in choke factors -Annoying to hold round General Comment: In expert, if no one has a Molotov cocktail, it is most likely a good thought to carry this alongside for the tank even when it is annoying. Strategies: Usually used throughout horde occasions. Just place them in choke factors. Just ensure that it is not too shut. Bring it alongside for the tank if nobody has a Molotov cocktail. =Explosive Tanks(Propane tank, Oxygen tank)= +Good for horde +Stuns particular contaminated, tank, and witch -VERY laborious to make use of successfully -Very minimal injury to particular contaminated, tank, and witch(took 5 simply to kill a boomer) General Comment: Worst weapon ever.... It's so inconvenient and actually laborious to use correctly. Oxygen tank is even worse because it generally takes awhile for it to explode. Contrary to what many consider, explosions barely do any injury to particular contaminated, tank, or the witch. Strategies: I used to be by no means in a position to make use of these successfully.... I often simply overlook about them, however if you happen to can, attempt to toss these in entrance of an oncoming horde and blow them up. =Minigun= +Unlimited ammo +Good injury -Charge up wanted everytime you cease -Only covers about 180 levels -Can't fireplace downwards(When on second ground) -Located the place you do not wish to be in General Comment: Great gun, horrible necessities. The particular person utilizing this isn't up towards the wall so somebody has to cowl him. This gun just isn't definitely worth the problem. Strategies: If it's essential to use this gun, which you should not, there ought to be one particular person ON the gunner and protecting the realm the gunner cannot shoot. -==========3. Teammates==========- ==Try to concentrate on the place everyone seems to be always. Make positive everyone seems to be sticking collectively and that nobody is in bother. If somebody strays, both inform him to come back again or go cowl his again. ==Try to not shoot if any of your teammates are close to your crosshair. It's simply not value losing a med pack by unintentionally taking pictures your teammate to kill a few contaminated. If you are teammate is getting hit by an contaminated, simply run as much as them and melee. ==All proper, in case your teammate is tongued by a smoker or is pounced by a hunter, they're invincible to your bullets so don't fret about hurting them and deal with liberating them. ==Do NOT run in entrance of others abruptly particularly when contaminated are close by. If you wish to cross somebody, make it possible for particular person is standing and crouch by him. ==When your crew is preventing a horde at a choke level, crouch if you happen to're within the entrance traces. ==For a horde occasion, if the set off is much from the choke level your crew is planning to be at, have 2-3 individuals with lowest well being wait on the choke level and have 1-2 individuals with highest well being set off the occasion. If everyone seems to be gradual, contemplate having the particular person activating the set off use tablets or perhaps a med equipment if the set off is actually far. If not, want him luck. ==Do NOT get out of a choke level to avoid wasting somebody who bought incapacitated exterior of the choke level throughout a horde occasion. The most certainly result's you getting incapacitated as nicely. The neatest thing to do is attempt to maintain him alive till the horde stops. ==It is feasible to shoot the tongue of the smoker to free your teammate. ==Do NOT stray away out of your teammates. Regular contaminated just isn't an issue, however you and your teammates are screwed if you happen to guys are alone when a particular contaminated will get you. ==If there are a few incapacitated teammates, save the one with the lowest well being first. ==When a number of teammates are lifeless, look ahead to all of them to spawn earlier than opening the door. If you do not, you might need to go additional to avoid wasting the remainder(even when you shut the door once more). ==Close the door after you save your teammates simply in case that spawn level turns into wanted later. -==========4. Enemies==========- =Regular Infected= Do not underestimate the place these guys can come from. What you thought was a wall is perhaps climbable from behind that means they might be capable to assault from behind. Also, a headshot from any gun will kill them in a single hit(Trust me, I examined it many instances to ensure). It does not occur generally, as a result of the hit field for his or her head is usually a bit off when they're animating. =Horde= It is ABSOLUTELY important to discover a nook or a room. If not, hope to god your crew is dependable. Use a pipe bomb if the state of affairs is unhealthy. Try to avoid wasting your Molotov cocktail for the tank until it is completely mandatory to make use of it on the horde. If you are the one one alive and a horde comes, it's potential to outlive it by attending to a nook and utilizing melee. Just hope to god a particular contaminated does not get you. =Boomer= One of the best when you've got good sound. Just shoot them if they're distant or shove, run, then shoot if they're too shut. If you suppose a boomer is behind a wall, go forward and shoot by means of the wall. If your crew is at a extremely great spot for a horde, you'll be able to have the boomer vomit on you guys to clear the entire neighborhood. Usually not wanted, however it may possibly come in useful in these wooded areas the place they will come from anyplace. =Smoker= Best factor is to have good sound so that you could be ready to kill them earlier than they tongue you to the purpose the place you are screwed. Do NOT shoot them within the leg. They take little or no injury from these. They additionally appear to take about thrice extra injury whereas they're tongue pulling. When you see somebody be tongue pulled by a smoker, the perfect factor to do is melee the one being pulled to free him then try to kill the smoker. If the one being pulled is just too distant for a melee, you'll be able to both attempt to kill the smoker or shoot his tongue. Don't fear about taking pictures your teammate since he is invincible to your pictures whereas he's being tongue pulled. =Hunter= You can truly keep away from their lunges. Just maintain leaping left or proper whereas going through them. Also be careful for his or her melee assaults that are extraordinarily damaging. Try to complete them off as quickly as potential. When somebody is pounced by a hunter, the perfect factor to do is melee the hunter off. If they're too distant, shoot the hunter. Don't fear about hurting your teammate since he's invincible to your pictures when he's pounced. =Tank= The greatest method to take these guys out is to set them on fireplace and simply run. Don't trouble taking pictures him when he's on fireplace. He will die in a set period of time no matter how a lot injury he took. If you're close to a protected home, you'll be able to attempt to kill a tank utilizing it. The protected home door on the finish of a degree undoubtedly cannot be damaged. The protected home door in the beginning of a degree requires a little bit of luck. If you hug the door, the tank will generally be unable to interrupt the door. It does not work on a regular basis so this ought to be a final resort. Also, if you're close to a ladder, you should use that to kill the tank. If you stand on the prime of the ladder whereas the tank is climbing and block his approach, he'll actually get caught and simply keep there. You can calmly shoot him with any gun till he dies. Be cautious to not be too far out of the sting otherwise you would possibly get pushed off the sting by the tank. Another factor to know is that the tank will generally simply leap and climb an edge as a substitute of utilizing the ladder. When avoiding the tank, attempt to get to greater floor. It takes the tank a couple of seconds to climb up. It's additionally good to have obstacles between you and the tank as he's most certainly going to waste time attempting to climb it. Just make positive the impediment cannot be tossed by the tank. If there's something huge you can circle round like a home or a round hallway, simply run from one nook to the opposite. At one nook, see which approach he's coming from and go the opposite approach. The stones the tank throws could be prevented in 3 ways. The greatest approach is to be behind one thing. If there's nothing to be behind, then strafe in a single path and proper when he throws, run the opposite path and it ought to miss. The final approach is to easily shoot and break the stone which is a bit dangerous. Watch out for issues like automobiles. When the tank tosses them, they may incapacitate you even when they simply contact you. Keep in thoughts that the tank is programmed to chase whomever is closest to him. =Witch= ALL witches could be skipped. Even ones you must contact could be skipped. All you need to do is run by means of when she is totally calm. There are 3 methods to disturb her: Shooting her, flashing mild on her for awhile, and staying too shut for awhile. Walking is NOT a good suggestion. Running doesn't make her extra prone to be disturbed. There are methods to kill her. One is to have somebody shoot her from FAR away whereas everybody else shoots her to demise whereas she chases the shooter. If somebody has a looking rifle, you'll be able to have that particular person shoot her within the head from an in depth distance since she's going to flinch for a couple of seconds which ought to be sufficient time to spray her to demise. Another approach is to have the disturber run off a cliff so he's in an incapacitated like state. The witch ought to simply run off the cliff. The cliff must be excessive sufficient. If it is not, she'll merely climb again up. You can use that point to kill her, although. You can attempt to kill her with fireplace if you would like. It will take 15 seconds for her to die. She will chase whomever set her on fireplace even when it is by fuel can. It's most likely quicker and safer to have the others spray her to demise as a substitute of utilizing fireplace and ready 15 seconds. It can also be potential to make use of the ladder to kill her. Just do the identical factor completed to kill the tank utilizing the ladder and block her path on the prime of the ladder. The drawback is that she is lots quicker and has a reasonably lengthy vary swipe. If she decides to leap and climb an edge as a substitute of utilizing the ladder, you're most possible lifeless. In different phrases, this could NOT be completed on objective, until the ONLY approach for the witch to stand up is the ladder. The hardest method to kill her is to shoot her within the head with any shotgun (Yes, I examined it in expert) as she is getting up. A considerably extra dependable approach to do that is to shoot her within the face when she is standing and nearly to grow to be hostile. One factor to know is that she's going to solely kill ONE survivor. After that, she merely runs away so do not trouble losing ammo. -==========5. Maps==========- =====a. No Mercy===== ==In the horde occasion within the third degree the place you're exterior activating a carry, a very good place to be is the room subsequent to the fuel station the place you must climb a bit. ==There are two good spots for the horde occasion within the fourth degree the place you name the elevator. One is inside a closet within the room to the precise of the elevator and the opposite is the room on the reverse finish of the corridor from the elevator. ==I've had blended outcomes with all kinds of strategies within the finale. I've tried the closet, the steps, the roof, the ledge behind the roof, beneath the metal ramp, and in a decrease degree the place some vents are at. The stairs are efficient solely when all 4 survivors are alive. When one dies, the protection on one aspect weakens and it will definitely appears to crumble. The roof feels extra like luck and unfortunate smoker pulls mess it up. The ledge behind the roof is nice for horde however appears to lack when it come to the tank. Same factor for the metal ramp. And the decrease degree the place some vents are at will get first tank immediately killed one way or the other however horde appear to peck at our well being to demise. The simplest appeared to be the closet close to the weapons. It's nice for horde and also you simply get out to kill the tank after which simply run again in. You need to constantly transfer from one constructing roof to the opposite to make the tank waste time climbing. =====b. Death Toll===== ==In the third degree, there's a metal room with an unbreakable metal door in the primary room of the second ground of the constructing that allows you to go over the fence to the wooded space. It's an important place to kill the tank. Unfortunately, the witch can swipe by means of the door. ==On the horde occasion within the fourth degree the place you activate a forklift, a very good place to be is the lavatory contained in the workplace you simply got here out of. ==In the final degree, there's at all times a med equipment and ache tablets contained in the tiny construction after you come out of the yard fences. ==There is an excellent probability for ache tablets inside the lavatory close to the tables proper after you cross some wooded space of the final degree. ==There could also be a med equipment in a home close to the finale home. ==There are about 3 ways to do the finale. The laborious approach on the second ground, the better approach within the rest room on the primary ground, and a budget approach. The low cost approach is to go all the way in which proper of the home previous the dock to a stone on the finish on the shoreline. You can climb that stone by leap crouching onto it the place the cliff wall and the stone meets. The horde is simple to handle from there. You simply want somebody to take care of people who smoke that ought to seem from the dock space. The tank cannot climb that rock so that you simply shoot him to demise. Have everybody shoot the rock that the tank throws to cease it. Sometimes the tank will get caught someplace and simply die robotically in order that's most likely what occurred if the music stops all of a sudden. If you are not doing a budget approach, you must kite the tank round the home. =====c. Dead Air===== ==In the third degree horde occasion the place you're at a building space, the closet within the first ground is the best place to be at. ==There are two locations you could be for the horde occasion within the fourth degree the place you begin a van. One is within the final room within the hallway you simply got here out of and the opposite is thru the door previous the fence that the van finally breaks by means of. ==Do NOT undergo any metallic detectors within the fourth degree! It will beep and alert the horde. ==There are a few locations to be within the finale: the sphere, the wing, the closet, and the aircraft. The wing is the best level of the tail of a aircraft close to the minigun. It is principally a choke level. The closet is behind the wing on the wall of the constructing. Obviously one other primary choke level. The discipline is behind the aircraft that's being fueled. It's good for horde since it is nowhere close to a spawn level and it is nice for tank, too. All you must do is kite him across the aircraft. If completed proper, the tank ought to be unable to hurt you. Just look beneath the aircraft to see which approach he's coming from. =====d. Blood Harvest===== ==The greatest place for the horde occasion within the second degree the place you begin it by opening a door is the girder caught to the wall within the higher degree. No horde can get you there. Just need to handle people who smoke and hunters. ==A very good place for the horde occasion within the fourth degree is the home you cross by. Use the lavatory in that home. ==When you get to the corn discipline within the final degree, DO NOT leap down. Have the particular person with probably the most well being go down and alert the horde whereas the remainder keep up there and handle the horde coming from behind with out the corn lowering imaginative and prescient. ==Two locations appears to be used for the finale. Most used is the lavatory and generally the higher degree of the barn on the skinny platforms behind the ladder. Just kite the tank round the home/barn when he comes. -==========6. ETC==========- ==Turning on closed captioning within the choices will present subtitles that alerts you when horde comes, particular contaminated are close by, and when a tank is up forward. You can know these by means of sound however generally there are different sounds that muffle these essential sounds so it is good to have a again up that allows you to know for positive if one thing is happening. ==Try to have your again towards a wall as a lot as potential. When a horde comes, attempt to get to a nook or a room. ==Take benefit of the doorways. If you're defending inside a room, shut the door and shoot by means of it. It's good since you do not have to fret about them hitting you and you do not have to waste time utilizing melee. Also, after you cross a doorway, shut the door behind you. It will temporarly cease hordes that come from behind supplying you with time to arrange as wanted. Also, you will know a particular contaminated is coming from behind while you hear them swipe the door open. ==If your well being is lower than 50, it's smart to die contained in the protected home at the top of the extent. If you do, every thing that was on you'll drop to the ground and get transferred to the following degree and also you revive with 50 well being and 3 lives. That means you additionally save a med pack. You can die by both having teammates kill you contained in the protected home so your objects switch or by getting killed by contaminated or atmosphere if you happen to do not have something to carry with you to the following degree. ==Running velocity slows down when well being is </p>

[The Best] Left 4 Dead – Tips for Surviving Expert issue | l4d2 expert tips – Cazzette

Having not too long ago gotten the Achievement for finishing all the Left 4 Dead campaigns on Expert issue with my gaming crew, I figured I’d share some tips whereas the sport continues to be recent on my thoughts. These tips will probably be helpful on any issue, however I like to recommend finding out them rigorously if you wish to sort out Expert.

I’ll break the tips up into numerous classes: General Tips, Dealing with the Special Infected, Weapons, and the Expert Finales.

General Tips

1. Prepare for the Long Haul
While playthroughs on Easy or Normal will take lower than an hour to finish a marketing campaign, on Expert it should usually take half an hour to finish one of many 5 acts in a marketing campaign. For planning functions, count on the finale to take about an hour, and provides your crew half an hour for every of the opposite 4 ranges. That means three hours to finish a marketing campaign on Expert. This is virtually an MMORPG raid. Make positive everyone seems to be on board as a result of on Expert, the second somebody leaves, the run is perhaps completed.

2. Never go Idle
The second you go Idle as soon as all through the Expert marketing campaign, you’ll not get the Achievement. I’m undecided how lengthy it takes to go Idle, however I’ve undoubtedly gotten it a couple of instances by chance. One of my pals says it’s about 30 seconds, and if you happen to’re simply opening up your pals menu to answer to a message, that could be all it takes to place you Idle and kill your Achievement. It sucks the way in which it was applied, however there are specific advantages: everybody will at all times be paying consideration on a regular basis.

If you do have to take breaks to make use of the lavatory or get a drink of water, one of the simplest ways is do it between stage masses or if you’re lifeless. When you’re lifeless, you’ll be able to’t go Idle. If you’re alive and considered one of your teammates must handle one thing in an Emergency, kill him your self so he goes to the Death display screen and you may simply rescue him within the subsequent closet when he’s able to play once more. *corrected by Frijolie – it seems to be like you’ll be able to go idle at any time and nonetheless get the corresponding Achievements so long as you’re not idle while you end the campaigns.

3. Turn on Closed Captioning
It is out there from the choices menu. Once you flip it on, you’ll typically be alerted with textual content on the display screen at any time when there’s a Special Infected within the space. No longer do you must be like, “Was that a hunter I heard?” Now you’ll see textual content in your display screen like “Hunter growling” or “Smoker coughing”. You’ll even see stuff like “Incoming attack”, which refers to a horde about to hurry you or “Tank Death”. Apparently the Tank makes his personal noise when he dies, and it’s helpful to know the second he dies so you’ll be able to heal up/put together for the following steps.

4. Designate the Group Leader
On Expert issue, it’s crucial that your squad of 4 stick carefully collectively. The simplest way for this to be adhered to is to have all the gamers comply with one member, who ought to be holding a shotgun. The shotgun participant ought to be up entrance, and nearly at all times crouching and off to the aspect in a path or tunnel to permit the opposite crew members behind him to get pictures in. Shotgun holders ought to by no means be behind SMG/Assault rifle holders.

If you have got a very carefree bunch, threaten them that in the event that they get in entrance of you as a shotgun holder, you’ll shoot them. You might need to comply with by means of in your phrase a few times, however they may keep behind you for the remainder of the sport. And bear in mind – if you happen to’re in entrance, crouch!

5. Look for Choke Points
If you play the degrees sufficient instances, you must begin seeing the perfect locations to fall again to when an incoming horde comes after you. The choke level is critical for survival – particularly on Expert issue, as a result of with common Infected doing 10 injury a success, you’ll be killed quick if you happen to’re caught in the course of an empty road and so they swarm throughout you from the forest (suppose Zerglings surrounding a Marine, if you happen to’re a Starcraft fan). Look for doorways, lifeless-ends, and so forth. the place you could be sure that the Infected can solely get to you by the one entrance you’re guarding. Examples of this embrace the doorway within the storage room firstly within the final act of Death Toll (a horde at all times spawns as quickly as you step onto the road) and the damaged down automotive provider not too lengthy after getting out of the prepare protected room on the final act of Blood Harvest. In all 4 finales, the one approach you’re going to outlive on Expert is to carry out for the ten-quarter-hour in an acceptable choke level (whereas leaving to kill the Tanks and coming again to re-setup on the choke level).

6. Use First Aid Kits Effectively
On Expert issue, individuals will probably be downed lots – a lot that each participant will principally see black and white within the recreation in some unspecified time in the future (means you’ve been downed thrice, and if you happen to get downed as soon as extra, you’ll die). With provides being as restricted as they’re in Expert, it’s beneficial that first help kits usually solely be used as soon as a participant sees the black and white. Using a primary help equipment when in black and white resets the counter, so that you could be downed three extra instances once more earlier than dying for good. There are exceptions to this common rule, since if you happen to’re nearly lifeless you may be limping and slower. There could also be factors the place you’ll be able to’t afford to limp, and should use that first help equipment earlier than you hit black and white.

7. When to Use/Give Pills
It’s higher to make use of a primary help equipment earlier than tablets, as tablets are an prompt use and can be utilized in fight if wanted whereas the primary help equipment can solely be used when the coast is obvious. Save tablets for emergency in-fight conditions. Also, you’ll come throughout tablets extra typically than first help kits on Expert, so when doubtful throughout a fight state of affairs whether it is an emergency or not, go forward and down them as their use may very well save your crew.

One factor to watch out for is giving tablets to a different teammate. When you turn to your tablets and hand them to a teammate with out telling him, he might unintentionally use them if he’s firing his weapon. This is as a result of when the tablets are handed to a brand new participant, it robotically switches no matter he’s holding to the tablets, so if he thinks he’s about to fireplace his gun once more, he’ll as a substitute down the tablets. So give him a heads up if you happen to’re going handy tablets to somebody.

8. Killing Teammates Before the Safehouse
If your crew is close to a safehouse and a few members have barely any life left, contemplate killing them. This is as a result of they robotically spawn with 50 well being the following chapter as soon as your crew enters the safehouse. If one teammate is bleeding out at 15 well being, it’s most likely value it to kill him since he’ll begin with 50 well being and never be caught nonetheless bleeding out as soon as the following chapter begins. By killing him earlier than the safehouse, you enable him to get additional within the subsequent chapter earlier than truly utilizing his first help equipment.

The solely purpose you could not wish to kill him is that if he’s holding an upgraded weapon, just like the assault rifle or auto-shotgun, or an merchandise like tablets/molotov/pipebomb/first help equipment. If it’s not potential for the remaining survivors to hold the killed man’s gear into the safehouse, it may not be value killing him off for. It simply turns into a circumstantial choice – I feel it’s value it to kill off a dying teammate and dropping his pipebomb, however I don’t suppose it’s value it if he had been to lose his assault rifle and we had been in one of many earlier chapters. (On the ultimate chapter of every marketing campaign, upgraded weapons can be found firstly and holdout safehouses so I’d kill him then.)

Edit: Carlos notes in his remark under that it’s most likely wisest to really kill the dying teammates within the safehouse. That approach, after they die and drop their objects, the objects will stay there when the following degree masses so the killed teammates can merely decide them up once more subsequent degree and nothing will probably be misplaced. I haven’t tried this myself, nevertheless it feels like it could work. The closest I can say I’ve come to testing one thing like that is that I’ve carried gasoline tanks between ranges. Apparently something that’s in that protected room by the top of 1 degree will nonetheless be there firstly of the following, no matter whether or not you’re holding it or not. So yeah, contemplate killing the teammates as soon as they enter the safehouse. Just be sure to do it earlier than you shut the safehouse door or the following degree will load.


1. Meleeing is a Must
At any choke level, your setup ought to be two guys on the entrance of the choke crouching and solely meleeing, whereas the 2 guys behind them standing and taking pictures. After a couple of melee assaults on Expert troublesome, the common Infected will die however the principle aim of doing that’s actually to stop any of them from getting shut sufficient to assault any of you. Two guys up entrance meleeing whereas two guys in again taking pictures at a chokepoint means nobody on the crew will take injury.

Meleeing additionally has many different advantages. You can reload whereas meleeing (hit the reload button, and simply begin meleeing and the gun will get reloaded robotically as you melee), and it does no pleasant fireplace injury to your teammates. On Expert, pleasant fireplace injury is turned up very excessive (one shotgun blast to a teammate and he will probably be downed) so at any time when any Infected are amidst your group, it’s in everybody’s greatest curiosity to melee as a substitute of attempting to fireplace at them and hitting your teammates. To save a teammate from a Hunter, melee the Hunter off him as a substitute of taking pictures him so that you decrease pleasant fireplace injury. You may even melee the tongue of a Smoker off a teammate!

2. Auto-shotgun versus Assault Rifle
While the auto-shotgun has some fairly long way, its essential profit is a whole lot of injury at shut vary whereas the assault rifle’s essential profit is first rate injury at medium vary. This makes the auto-shotgun splendid for preventing Tanks, whereas the assault rifle is greatest with frequent Infected. (Their child brothers, the shotgun and SMG, are the identical approach). When doubtful, steadiness your crew with 1-2 auto shotguns, 1-2 assault rifles, and 0-1 looking rifles for common play, however change it for extra particular eventualities. If you’re going to combat lengthy distance, ditch the auto-shotguns and kill the Infected at mid-vary earlier than they arrive shut, and if you happen to’ve determined to take down a Tank with weapons, have all 4 gamers geared up with auto-shotguns. The assault rifle does minuscule injury to the Tank.

3. The Hunting Rifle has its Time and Place
The looking rifle’s position is fairly restricted, because it solely actually shines in lengthy distances. Keep that in thoughts: LONG DISTANCES. This means it shouldn’t be picked up in closed, indoor areas, although the bullets can penetrate a number of zombies at a time. Your price of fireside is simply too gradual in comparison with an assault rifle. The looking rifle is right if you’re organising on the dock for the Death Toll finale, the roof of the No Mercy finale, or at a nook of the airport on the Dead Air finale the place the Infected come at you from distant.

Your group ought to have one (if any) holding a looking rifle at most. Realize that if considered one of your teammates goes looking rifle, his essential goal is assault the Smokers at first, earlier than they get inside vary to seize your teammates. Also, if you’re organising in a finale with a teammate holding the looking rifle, make it possible for the assault rifle holders focus first on the frequent Infected as a substitute of attempting to assist decide off the particular Infected within the distance. Not solely does this defeat the aim of getting a participant with the looking rifle and his scope, but when the assault rifle participant is taking pictures for distant targets, who’s going to assist maintain the flood of frequent Infected operating in the direction of your social gathering? Certainly not the man with the looking rifle.

4. Fire is Your New Best Friend
When I first began enjoying Left 4 Dead, I adored the Pipe Bomb. Back then, I didn’t perceive what the Horde assaults had been or how one can successfully take care of a Boomer, so the Pipe Bomb was the straightforward answer. Just throw it and all frequent Infected issues are solved! Well, if you wish to get by means of Expert, you’ll have to make the leap from Pipe Bomb to Molotov. With satisfactory choke level protection, the Pipe Bomb turns into pointless, as a result of even if you happen to get vomited on by a Boomer, the choke level melee setup will be sure that you may be tremendous.

Molotovs grow to be a necessity on Expert not only for the tanks, however as a result of they themselves can assist create choke factors for you when you have got none. If you’re caught someplace the place you’ll be able to’t arrange at a choke level and have frequent Infected operating at you from two sides, throw the Molotov on the bottom in a single path and now you solely have one aspect to defend.

This tip additionally means making use of the purple gasoline tanks. Whenever you see one on Expert issue, at all times take it with you. On lengthier finale ranges like Death Toll and Blood Harvest, it’s truly beneficial to hold the fuel tank all the way in which to the finale holdout to take care of the Tanks as a result of typically instances (particularly on Blood Harvest), while you get there, there’s nothing to mild the Tank on fireplace with. I’m not a fan of the opposite canisters, as their injury is speedy and I can’t choose the injury distance successfully, however the purple gasoline tank I’ll by no means depart behind because it can’t solely burn tanks, however create choke factors.

Dealing with the Special Infected

1. Hold Your Fire if Vomited on by a Boomer
You’re blinded so if you happen to begin taking pictures, there’s a excessive chance that you’ll pleasant fireplace a teammate. On Expert issue, which will imply demise for them. Your primary concern shouldn’t be to assault, however to maneuver to a very good choke level space so your squad can take care of the incoming horde successfully. If it’s essential to assault, use solely melee whereas slowly sliding again within the path that you just got here in in order that your teammates can kill the horde that may come after you. After all, the horde of Infected are coming after you, not them, to allow them to get all of the free pictures in they need.

2. Evading the Witch
If I bear in mind accurately, I feel it’s potential to really stroll by the Witch if you happen to don’t wish to attempt to one shot her with the shotgun. Even if you happen to’re shut sufficient to draw her consideration and he or she finally will get up, if you happen to’re gone from the scene earlier than she’s totally up she won’t know what to do and simply run round doing nothing till provoked. Unfortunately, there’s generally a crew member inside eyesight of the witch when she’s totally up and can incur the Witch’s wrath. Just maintain flashlights off and don’t fireplace and you’ll most certainly be capable to sneak by the witch even when she seems to be like she’s sitting proper in your path. The secret’s to simply be out of eyesight earlier than she’s totally up.

On Expert, the Witch’s single melee swipe will immediately kill her goal. But after that, she won’t go for anybody else and easily run round after which run away. That’s all it’s essential to bear in mind. Don’t even trouble attempting to kill her after she’s taken down considered one of your teammates. In truth, on Expert, it’s truly preferable to come back throughout a Witch as a substitute of a Tank, as a result of with the Witch, it’s a set “1 guy dies” commerce-off versus the Tank, the place it comes right down to what you must combat him with (and on Expert, it’s often not a lot).

3. Slaying the Tank
There are two methods of coping with the Tank: killing him by means of direct injury or lighting him on fireplace and letting him burn to demise. One frequent error that gamers make just isn’t realizing that the 2 shouldn’t be blended. While it makes extra frequent sense that if the Tank is on fireplace and also you’re taking pictures at it, the injury out of your weapons and him being on fireplace ought to stack. They don’t. In truth, when the Tank is on fireplace, he takes no injury from the burning in any respect. It merely places him on a timer the place as soon as a sure variety of seconds have elapsed, he’ll simply die (the variety of seconds is greater based mostly on issue degree).

Thus it’s key to determine whether or not you’re going to try to kill him (be sure to all have auto-shotguns at Expert degree) otherwise you’re going to mild him on fireplace and everybody scatter to attend till he dies. The lighting him on fireplace and operating is mostly the extra acceptable technique on Expert issue, as a result of on Expert, preventing him head on usually means he’ll kill 1-2 teammates. Keep in thoughts that the Tank will usually down a participant, and comply with up and kill that very same participant. Use this to your benefit. This implies that as soon as that teammate goes down, the opposite three have to get as shut as potential to the Tank and unload their shotguns on the Tank whereas he kilos the downed participant to demise. With some luck (and accuracy), you must be capable to kill the Tank on Expert issue earlier than he kills off a second crew member. Be cautious to not stand instantly reverse one other participant while you all go in to kill the Tank – auto-shotgun pleasant fireplace will certainly happen.

Expert Finales

1. No Mercy – Rooftop Finale
I consider this one is the toughest of the 4 finales within the recreation since tanks can knock you off the buildings utterly to your demise. Consider any of the next areas to carry out in: beneath the ramp, within the closet proper subsequent to the gun rack, and on the rooftop of the best a part of the radio constructing. With the ramp or closet holdout, be sure to have guys always meleeing and with the rooftop, ensure that to melee any zombies attempting to climb up. When it’s time for the primary Tank, mild him on fireplace (there ought to be loads of Molotovs on the rooftops of this finale) and run round till he dies. Then get again to the choke, combat the waves, burn the second Tank, and make your approach up the ramp to the chopper. Throw a pipebomb on the way in which to the chopper and you need to be residence free.

I’m keen on the rooftop holdout extra myself since it’s an elevated place with a chokepoint (it’s actually similar to the dock holdout on the Death Toll finale). Get up on the rooftop above the chaingun platform and you may kill any Infected attempting to get to you by the point they’re on the chaingun platform. With gasoline tanks and Molotovs, it’s even simpler as you’ll be able to simply mild the entire chaingun platform on fireplace and nothing will be capable to stand up to you. Have one man with one looking rifle and the opposite three with assault rifles. The looking rifle man primarily watches for Smokers that attempt to leap to the rooftops of the distant buildings whereas the assault rifle guys shoot who they see and melee any Infected after they attempt to climb up the entrance. Wait up prime for the tank to come back up, burn him, leap down the constructing and run round till he dies and get again as much as set again up for the second half and repeat till helicopter arrives.

2. Death Toll – Boathouse Finale
On this boathouse finale, I’m conscious of two totally different locations to make your “stand”: the lavatory and the dock. In the lavatory, you have got two guys ducking and meleeing whereas the opposite two guys are on the sink and bathroom taking pictures whoever they will. When it’s time for the primary Tank, throw the Molotov within the entrance doorway (ought to be a lot round the home), and run round the home till he dies. Then set again up within the rest room, burn the second Tank when he comes, and run to the dock for the boat pickup.

This was the finale that my crew and I performed for a number of hours to get the “Untouchables” Achievement, and we principally used the identical technique to beat it on Expert. With this one we had one man with the Hunting Rifle (be sure to seize it firstly of the extent since there’s not one within the boathouse), and the remainder with assault rifles. All 4 are arrange on the dock, with the man holding the looking rifle on the precise (when your group is on the dock and going through land), two assault rifle guys on the steps, and the third assault rifle man on the left. On the dock, the Infected just about both run down the dock in the direction of the group, or climb up the left aspect of the dock. The assault rifle holder on the left aspect focuses on those attempting to climb up, whereas the 2 assault rifle holders on the steps deal with any Infected that attempt to run down the dock, and the looking rifle holder on the precise watches for all of the Smokers that attempt to creep down the left aspect (whereas serving to with the Infected on the dock as mandatory). When the Tank comes, mild him on fireplace earlier than he will get onto the dock (by both taking pictures a purple gasoline tank on land or pitching an ideal Molotov) after which have all 4 of you leap into the water and head for the boathouse. Once you get to the boathouse, you’ll be able to rapidly seize extra ammo and run again to the dock. By the time you’re again on the dock, the Tank ought to be lifeless. Keep in thoughts that even when the Tank is lit and jumps within the water, it might appear to be the fireplace was put out however he’ll nonetheless burn to demise. Repeat with the second half of finale and also you’ll be aboard the boat very quickly.

3. Dead Air – Runway Finale
The Dead Air finale was the primary one we accomplished on Expert, and I consider it’s the best. Because the realm is so huge, there are a number of areas to carry out in which let you safely take the Infected out from a distance. Some individuals just like the corners of the airport however my most well-liked technique continues to be the truckbed holdout, which labored simply tremendous for us on Expert because it had on Advanced. Basically, all 4 of you get on the truckbed nearest the fireplace by the chaingun. Have two auto-shotgunners watching the again of the truck (the place the 4 of you entered the truckbed). Their position is to easily melee anybody attempting to climb onto the truck. The different two ought to be going through the entrance of the truck with assault rifles, killing any Infected that attempt to climb up the edges of the entrance of the truck. The Infected can not climb up the edges of the truckbed, so they’re pressured to both climb up the again, the place they may simply get meleed off by the 2 shotgunners, or the entrance of the truck, the place they may simply get picked off by the 2 guys holding assault rifles. Make positive that every one 4 are crouched, so neither Hunters nor Smokers can get you. It’s fairly foolish to see Hunters attempt to climb up the again of the truck, however that’s what they’re pressured to do since they will’t bodily leap and land on the truckbed. You ought to take no injury with this holdout technique.

When it’s time for the primary Tank, you must ideally make use of the aircraft that you’re fueling to flee. Light him on fireplace, then run to the other aspect of that aircraft. Crouch and you may see his (burning) toes and if it seems to be like he’s going a technique across the aircraft, simply stroll the opposite approach. He can not climb over the aircraft, so you’ll be able to at all times maintain the escape aircraft between him and your squad. Once he’s lifeless, return to your corners on the truckbed and maintain out for the second half and repeat for the second Tank earlier than escaping.

4. Blood Harvest – Farmhouse Finale
Blood Harvest might be probably the most troublesome finale merely since you nearly at all times need to combat a Tank on the way in which to the farmhouse and a horde whereas attempting to undergo the cropfield. That and there’s often no Molotovs or gasoline cans to tackle the Tanks so you must form of get fortunate that you just get to the barn and with two fuel tanks or discover Molotovs within the barn. There is commonly no less than one purple gasoline tank on the way in which to the farmhouse, and it’s endorsed that you just kill the Tank with auto-shotguns so it can save you the purple gasoline tank for the holdout.

There are a couple of locations to carry out on this finale. You can attempt one of many closets within the bedrooms or the lavatory in the home, however don’t attempt to holdout in a bed room itself because the home windows could be damaged into by the Infected. The different place to holdout is the second ground of the barn, which is how we ended up beating it.

For the second ground of the barn holdout, we had two guys meleeing on the gap on the aspect whereas the opposite two monitored the Infected attempting to climb up the ladder space (these are the one two methods into the second ground of the barn). What’s humorous is we truly beat Expert with an AI participant this fashion, because it was in a position to come as much as the second ground and do the holdout with us. That holdout setup ought to yield little to no injury, and when it’s time for the Tank, mild him on fireplace and run into the home, go as much as the second ground, leap out a window, and get again to the second ground of the barn. By the time you’re again the Tank ought to be lifeless. Repeat once more for the second half and leap onboard the transport that arrives.

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L4D2 Expert Tips

Lets play L4D2 on expert. I’m going to attempt to offer you all some tips on how one can beat these ranges on expert.
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L4D2 Expert Tips

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Back 4 Blood - Solo Nightmare (Act 2: The Armory)

L4D2 Gameplay on Expert Tips and Advice 2#

Welcome to the Part 2 of L4D2 Gameplay on Expert, this was a recreation on The Parish i recorded with 2 pals, it took us like 2 retries. Hope you discovered one thing, do not forget to remark about any suggestion or opinion, i will probably be studying.
Mods showned on the video:
UZI: “UZI (SMG) Reanimated” by QUERENTIN and Arima
M16: “CS:GO M4A1S” by Twilight Sparkle
Pistol: “Pistols (L4D2 models) L4D1 Pistol Animations” by Lt. Rocky
Vocalizer: “Ion’s Vocalizer” by ion
Rochelle: “Aftermath Rochelle” by Dale, PorkyDaCorgi and Sharon
Sniper Rifle: “Payday 2 HK PSG1” by Lt. Rocky
Magnum: “CS:GO Desert Eagle” by Twilight Sparkle
GL: “M79 Grenade Launcher” by Doktor Haus
Scar: “Desert Rifle Reanimation Without Sounds” by ♋AƖναяσ47♋
Baseball Bat: “Left 4 Dead 2 Original Baseball Bat” by Theuaredead`
Bile Bomb: 0842 “Magic Potion” by Ro
Adrenaline: “CS:GO MediShot” by Twilight Sparkle

L4D2 Gameplay on Expert Tips and Advice 2#


L4D2 Gameplay on Expert Tips and Advice 1#

This is a gameplay i recorded enjoying on duo with a good friend on expert, it has some fascinating moments, and i made a decision so as to add my private commentary, giving some tips and recommendation about issues you must had in your thoughts whereas enjoying on this laborious issue to success. Hope you prefer it, i’ve plans to add extra of this.
Mods showned on the video:
HUD: “GaryHUD [All In One]” by Lefty
Hunting Rifle: “NMRIH Ruger 10/22 with 25 rnd Magazine” by 8sianDude
Melee Weapons Animation: “Rex’s minimized default melee weapons” by Rex The Impaler
Axe Skin: “Fireaxe red synthetic” by TOG | K1CHWA
Sniper Rifle: “Payday 2 HK PSG1” by Lt. Rocky
Bile Bomb: 0842 “Magic Potion” by Ro
Magnum: “CS:GO Desert Eagle” by Twilight Sparkle
Molotov: “CSGO Molotov [Real Anim]” by Prodigy
Flashlight: “LED Flashlight” by ᛏᚱᚨᚲᛋᛖᛚᛚᚢᛋ
SMG: “UZI (SMG) Reanimated” by QUERENTIN and Arima
Adrenaline: “CS:GO MediShot” by Twilight Sparkle
Pipe Bomb: “Pipebomb Insurgency Animations” by Lt. Rocky
Medkit: “Medkit Reanimated” by Arima
Rochelle: “The Aftermath (Rochelle)” by Dale, PorkyDaCorgi and Sharon
Vocalizer: “Ion’s Vocalizer” by Ion
Particle Effects: “Bashed u0026 Adrenaline Particle Effect Optimizer” by Wanderflight

L4D2 Gameplay on Expert Tips and Advice 1#

Left 4 Dead 2 – Tricks For All Campaigns

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Left 4 Dead 2 - Tricks For All Campaigns

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