Rock Band Vs Guitar Hero 2021: Which Is Better And Why?

Rock Band Vs Guitar Hero 2021 Which Is Better And Why

What is exactly the difference between a rock band vs guitar hero? Which is the best necessary for your favorite? If you still not find an instrument yet, you could click on Cazzette to see more articles related to guitar. Most people often choose to try Guitar Hero because of harder to learn it. So, how about you?

If you are a beginner at learning to play guitar by yourself, let’s read this post. It will help you shape what you need to know. Now, let’s start it!




Guitar Hero was created by a partnership between Harmonix, RedOctane, and RedOctane, experts in video game controllers. Harmonix was an established music video game development company, which had produced many music-themed games.

Guitar Freaks, a Japanese game, inspired guitar Hero. RedOctane approached Harmonix to help develop Guitar Hero, and Guitar Hero’s success led to a quickly developed sequel. It was released in 2006, just one year after its original release.

Although it looked like this would be a long-lasting partnership, RedOctane was soon sold to Harmonic. This caused things to change quickly. Activision, a gaming giant, bought RedOctane in 2006 and spent $100m more to purchase the Guitar Hero license.


Now owned by MTV Games, Harmonix collaborated with Electronic Arts to create a rival rhythm game called Rock Band after the Guitar Hero license was sold to Activision. Rock Band was inspired by Guitar Hero and included drums and a microphone to allow vocalists to sing.

This placed a greater emphasis on the band experience for players. Guitar Hero World Tour was released in 2008, just one year after Rock Band, a striking example of Guitar Hero’s similar approach.

Amazingly, Rock Band was able to build this brand so quickly after Guitar Hero was sold. It’s hard to imagine how upset Guitar Hero’s new owners were when Rock Band was launched!

Guitar Hero Live vs. Rock Band 4: The Best Difference

Guitar Hero Live vs. Rock Band 4 The Best Difference


If you have a regular controller, the rock star fantasy isn’t as exciting. Guitar Hero Live and Rock Band 4 have their take on plastic instrument controllers. However, the former is beginning to age.

Rock Band players will immediately recognize the contents of the box. It contains a guitar controller with ten colors, a drum controller, four pads, and a bass pedal. A microphone plugs into the console, which is the only wired component of the ensemble, and the instruments still feel the same eight years after Rock Band was launched.

In 2007, I was horrified at how muffled the Rock Band guitar’s strum bar felt. Time has not changed my opinion. The drum controller is beautiful and could give new players a good grasp of using a drum kit.

Although the microphone works in-game, it does not amplify your voice. Don’t expect to hear your voice over the party crowd.

Guitar Hero’s controller is a departure from its predecessors. Instead of five buttons with different colors, the Guitar Hero controller has two rows of three buttons.

The top row of the strum bar is white, and the bottom is black. You can match color and position to play notes. The strum bar’s tactile click, which is audible and tactile, helps you know when you have hit a note correctly.

It takes some time to adjust to the six-button layout, but it is much more intuitive than the five-button one. Six strings are typical for a guitar, so why not simulate them with six buttons? Two rows mean you can use the same three fingers to control all six strings instead of constantly moving your hand up and downwards.

However, the Guitar Hero controller’s greatest advantage is its clicking strum bar. This kind of feedback is invaluable in rhythm games.

Winner: Guitar Hero Live The Guitar Hero Live controller is the winner. Despite its click strum bar and innovative design, it takes some time to get used to but feels more responsive than the other.

Guitar Hero Difficulty

While some may laugh at the idea that a game uses a fake instrument with colorful buttons, let’s not forget that Guitar Hero isn’t meant to be an easy game.

Players start the game with basic concepts. However, as the career mode progresses, the songs become more complex and may require a few attempts to master. Guitar Hero III’s boss battle, “Through the Fire and Flames”, by DragonForce, was a famously difficult song that brought players to their knees.

Music Selection (Included)

Rock Band 4 has surpassed three games and a mountain of downloadable content (DLC) for musicians. While Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl and Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk are fun to listen to, they aren’t very fun to play.

Metalheads will be familiar with “Prayer” from Disturbed and the “Miracle Man” by Ozzy Osbourne. Pop-rock fans will know “Prayer” by Disturbed and “Miracle Man” by Ozzy Osbourne. You’ll only be able to recognize a few songs, and they won’t be as good as songs from other games.

Although the games aren’t as similar now, they’re still among the most important names in rhythm gaming.

Many factors can mitigate Rock Band 4’s poor song selection. The game makers expect you to have either the songs from the previous three games or a mountain worth of DLC.

You can transfer all your songs to Rock Band 4 if you have purchased the first three Rock Band games. You can also purchase most songs from the DLC shop, provided the licenses are not expired.

The problem is that song transfer is confusing. Harmonix, the Rock Band developer, described the process. If you can navigate the disc-export chart, you will discover some interesting things. Rock Band 4 will play music from Rock Bands 1, 2 & 3, Lego, Green Day, and many other track packs.

But that only applies if the licenses have been transferred to Rock Band 3. You can see that the licenses for exportation are expired. Harmonix cannot sell Rock Band 3 if you haven’t bought it before Oct. 30, 2015.

Guitar Hero Live does not try to include songs from older generations. This means that it has a smaller tracklist, but it is also very user-friendly. (The old control scheme would also prevent older tracks from being played.

There are 40 tracks available in the game’s live mode (and more in the TV mode). However, the songs are generally better.

The Rolling Stones’ “Paint It Black”, Queen’s “Tie Your Mother Down”, The Killers’ “When You Were Young”, and Good Charlotte’s “The Anthem” are all well-known choices. The rest of the soundtrack offers a great mix of artists and genres, from Mumford & Sons through Pearl Jam to Arctic Monkeys.

Winner: Guitar Hero Live. Although Guitar Hero Live offers fewer tracks than other games, it feels more focused and can pull in better music from specific bands’ discographies. You can, at the very minimum, access your entire music collection without needing to deal with complicated licensing issues.

Rock Band: Instrumental Variety

Harmonix decided to re-create Guitar Hero and extend it beyond its original format after Harmonix left Guitar Hero. They decided to add a drum set to Rock Band and a microphone to the USB to allow players to be singers or drummers.

While Guitar Hero did add some of these later, Rock Band continued to expand its instrumental library. It also added a keyboard to allow players to add backup vocal harmonies.

Single Player

Guitar Hero was always a more single-player game than Rock Band, which has been more multi-player-oriented. This is still the case in this new generation. Rock Band 4 allows you to play solo, but there is no compelling reason to do so. You still have all the multiplayer options.

You have the option to create a band, go on tour with it, or play individual songs for profit. There isn’t much progression as all the songs are immediately available.

Guitar Hero Live puts you in the center of your rock-star fantasies, and each song includes a video recording of the band performing and an audience member. You’ll find happy bandmates and a cheering audience if you play well.

You’ll be hounded by your bandmates, who will stare at you with contemptuous eyes. The audience will also stand and cross their arms in disapproval. You can be booed offstage if you go one step further. The audience and your band will react in seconds to your successes or failures. It’s amazing how much work must have been put into each recording.

If you have a regular controller, the rock star fantasy is not as real.

It is amazing how much a simple shift in perspective from third to second can make an old franchise like Guitar Hero feel new again. FreeStyle Games did it well. As you earn your credibility as an ax-handler, each success unlocks new music.

Winner: Guitar Hero Live Guitar Hero Live is the best choice for those who want to relax and enjoy some tunes.

Guitar Hero: Battles

Guitar Hero’s guitar battle mode gave players a treat. It is great to rock out with friends and have fun one-on-one to learn a song.

Guitar battle was unique among all the modes in Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Players could play against Joe Perry, Joe Morello, and Slash. Guitar Hero recorded these boss battles. This mode is fun because players can use power-ups to throw their opponents out.


Guitar Hero Live offers a multiplayer feature, although the game doesn’t highlight it. You can connect another controller to play together tracks, even though you will be playing the same thing.

Playing together has one real advantage: you get a higher score. It doesn’t have the same refined guitar/bass duos as earlier Guitar Hero games nor its competitive modes. You can also hook up a microphone and sing along to the lyrics as they appear on-screen. Although it’s useful, it seems more like an afterthought.

Rock Band 4 still holds a significant advantage in multiplayer. You can have up to seven players with additional microphones or harmony parts. You can feel like you are part of a band by having each player play a different role, such as bass, drums, vocals, or guitar. There are many opportunities to collaborate.

Rock Band 4’s Freestyle Solos let you create material in real-time during sections. Every instrument has the chance to play it. This is the kind of intuitive gameplay that creates memorable moments with friends or breaks the ice at parties.

Winner: Rock Band 4 Although you could play Guitar Hero Live in a group of two or three people, there is no reason to. You could also play Rock Band 4 without a full band, but that would be a loss.

Rock Band: Song Library

Both games are known for having a large selection of songs. Guitar Hero went out of its way to obtain exclusive rights to songs by Bruce Springsteen.

Rock Band’s library is not only better than the songs. It would release a new game, then update it with new songs. Also, Rock Band allowed players to import songs from other games. Rock Band spent a lot of time and effort building the song library that will continue to offer players new experiences.

Downloadable Content

Guitar Hero Live’s main focus is on live shows, as the name suggests. However, there’s another way to play Guitar Hero TV. You can download new tracks and follow along with the music videos. If you grew up in a time when MTV played music, it has an MTV-like feel.

You can access GHTV from anywhere, at any time. There are also “channels” that offer music videos and streams. You can either play along with the song in real-time for free, or you can purchase credits (ranging between $1 and $100; the math of converting money into plays is a bit arbitrary).

You can earn credits for playing along to the live tracks, but that’s not fair. However, you don’t own the songs, so that seems like an easy problem. It’s a clever system, which is sure to bring some entertainment beyond the confines of the core game.

Guitar Hero Live can’t match Rock Band 4 in terms of the number of downloadable content. Harmonix is still tweaking songs as it moves from last-gen to the current-gen consoles. However, almost 2,000 songs are available in the Rock Band DLC Library.

They will be transferred to your Xbox One or PS4 if you have already purchased them for the Xbox 360/PS3. (Unfortunately, cross-platform transfers are not possible.

You can purchase a wide range of songs via Rock Band 4; full albums can be purchased from artists like Boston, Guns N’ Roses, and Spinal Tap. Prices range from $2 per track to $20 for an album.

Rock Band 4 is the best place to get country music, Southern Blues, electronica, and pop.

Winner: Rock Band 4. While Guitar Hero TV may be the more innovative service, a rhythm game is all music. Rock Band is the best choice if you are willing to spend money on DLC.


Is Guitar Hero harder than rock band?

Guitar Hero has more complicated charts on Medium and Hard than Rock Band, so new players looking for a challenge can have more fun with them. Guitar Hero’s vocals, however, are stuck in “Precision Mode”.

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Can you use guitar hero guitar for a rock band?

Rock Band, the Harmonix rhythm-action game that combines guitars, drums, and vocals, was announced Monday. According to the developer, it will work with the “Guitar Hero” guitars.

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Why is rock band so expensive?

The reason is that the sets are no longer in production, and prices are skyrocketing. The PS4 version is in the same position. I can’t find anything less than $300. I want to sell my ION Brain for Xbox 360. The brain has been used for many years with an upgraded kit.

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Does Rock Band 4 work on PS5?

Rock Band 4 will be supported on the next-generation platforms. Harmonix posted a long post focusing on Rock Band 4 accessory support.

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