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fiddle instrument: Is the article you’re on the lookout for proper?

by Peter Zaret

What Is the Difference Between a Violin & a Fiddle?

I’d say that roughly 80-90% of violinists discuss with their instrument as a fiddle. Fiddle could be a noun or a verb, whereas
“violin” is simply a noun. (He performs the fiddle; he fiddles. He performs the violin; he violins?)

“One typically uses the term violin for orchestral and classical settings and fiddle in mostly country or pop music,” mentioned Doug Droste, director of orchestral research for the music division of Ohio State University. “The terms are really interchangeable,” he
mentioned. “Fiddle is simply a little extra slang than the violin, which is truly the actual identify of the instrument.”

The fiddle is a violin performed as a folks instrument. It is additionally the colloquial time period for the instrument utilized by gamers in all genres, together with
classical music. Fiddle taking part in, or fiddling, is a model of music.

Are the Violin & the Fiddle the Same Instrument?

Well, sure and no. It will depend on who’s taking part in it and in what cultural context. Aside from some small particulars, nevertheless, the
instrument is just about the similar; there is no fiddle that is not additionally a violin.

When I used to be rising up, I felt uncomfortable utilizing the time period fiddle. “Fiddle” meant “country and western” and I needed no
a part of that. However, you hear violinists of the highest caliber, like Stern and Perlman, referring to the violin as a fiddle. But their cultural context is Eastern European,
which included gypsy-like so-known as “fiddle” music, which is not the similar in any respect as the American style.

The instrument itself could also be the similar, although folks gamers of violin (and different gamers who’re taking part in one thing moreover artwork music) could take
extra liberties with respect to the approach the instrument is held, its fittings, and so on.

Is It Okay to Call a Violin a Fiddle, or Is that a Gross Insult?

Yes, it is okay to name a violin a fiddle. Though plainly when one calls a violin a fiddle they’ve implied that the
explicit instrument is not a violin of high quality. Some assume that fiddles are merely low-cost violins. At one time this might have been true, as poorer or rural people often performed
residence-made fiddles, not Strads. They had been much less prone to afford personal classes or attend the symphony, however realized conventional tunes at jams and ceilidhs (kay-lees).

Itzhak Perlman calls his Strad a fiddle. And live performance violinists typically discuss with their colleagues as “fiddlers.” But this is simply
a free approach of talking. Itzhak Perlman mentioned it’s a praise to inform one other violinist: “That’s a fairly good fiddle.

Etymology of “Fiddle” & “Violin”

A violin is typically informally known as a fiddle, no matter the sort of music being performed with it. The phrases “violin” and
“fiddle” come from the similar Latin root, however “violin” got here by means of the Romance languages and “fiddle” by means of the Germanic languages.

Historically, the phrase “fiddle” additionally referred to a predecessor of immediately’s “violin.” Like the violin, it tended to have 4 strings, however
got here in a number of shapes and sizes.

Way again in the medieval days, any instrument that was performed with a bow was known as a fiddle, relying on one’s native

  • In English: “fedylle, fiele, ffythele, phidil, vithele”

  • In French: “viele, vielle, viula”

  • In German: “fiedel, videl, vigel”

  • In Latin: “viella, vidula, viola”

  • In Norwegian: “fele”

  • In Spanish: “vihuela de arco”

Colloquially, “fiddle” is the time period most frequently used for a member of the violin household or for the “kit,” the dance
grasp’s fiddle.

You can see from sounding out the phrases above that fiddle is in all probability the time period that may have most simply developed if the English and the
Germans had perfected the instrument that we all know immediately as the Violin. But it got here into its personal in Italy. And the Italian phrases for “fiddle” sound extra like

What Is the Difference in the Structure of a Violin & a Fiddle?

Not a lot. In development of the precise instrument, fiddles and violins are precisely the similar. There is no distinction in the instrument itself, solely in the approach
that it is performed.

One very slight distinction between fiddles and atypical violins could also be seen in American bluegrass and outdated-time fiddling. In
these types, the prime of the bridge could also be reduce in order that it is barely much less curved. This reduces the vary of proper-arm movement required for the fast string-crossings present in some
types, and is mentioned to make it simpler to play double stops and shuffles, or to make triple stops potential, permitting one to play chords.

Most classical violinists desire a extra rounded curve to the prime of the bridge that enables them to articulate every notice extra simply and clearly.
In follow, most devices are fitted with a rounded bridge to raised accommodate the form of the fingerboard. The distinction between “round” and
“flat” is not nice; about a quarter or half a millimeter variation in the peak of 1 or two strings.

A fiddle strung with metal will work greatest with a bridge, which is as a lot as a millimeter decrease general. For intestine, nylon, or different artificial-core
strings, the motion could also be set suitably increased. As a violin’s bridge is comparatively simple to exchange, modifying the bridge doesn’t completely make a violin into a

Different Strings & Tuners

Gut strings possess a wealthy and full high quality splendid for orchestral taking part in. They weren’t excellent for the checking account, nevertheless, and fiddlers
resorted to the cheaper various: metal. Steel strings have a “bright” timber (tone) and carry effectively in a solo state of affairs.

Steel strings are very troublesome to tune with the violin’s clumsy picket pegs. Many metal strings had been damaged till the invention of
effective-tuners, the tiny little metallic mechanisms on the tailpiece that makes tuning a piece of cake. Violinists adopted this know-how to be used on their metal E strings, that are
almost unimaginable to tune with the peg.

The use of effective tuners on all 4 strings has sadly grow to be related to much less expert musicians since fiddlers used them. This is
completely not true. There is additionally proof that effective tuners alter the high quality of harmonics (increased frequencies), however this it’s to be debated too. Thus a ridiculous
stereotype was invented: violinists use the pegs, and fiddlers use the effective tuners.

Playing the Violin & the Fiddle

Some folks imagine it is simpler to learn to fiddle than the right way to play violin. In the starting stage of studying, there is little, if any,
distinction between violin and fiddle. That comes later in the intermediate stage. The paths diverge then.

Creating the Sound

If you’re studying the violin, you’ll put a lot of effort into mastering vibrato. That’s the major left hand approach for attaining
fidelity and ravishing tonal magnificence. In the proper hand there is managed stress and smoothness.

For fiddling, your left hand shall be studying slides, fourth finger drones and Irish cuts, rolls, and graces. Your proper hand will produce
repeating bow patterns of sunshine rhythmic accents.

Same Instrument, Different Technique

Since many fiddlers by no means had formal classes, most couldn’t learn music and performed the whole lot by ear, whereas violinists may learn music
often however couldn’t improvise. Another stereotype was invented.

Holding a violin with one’s jaw makes it almost unimaginable to speak and play concurrently (much like strolling round along with your pants
round your ankles, however maybe not as taboo). Square dancing fiddlers handled this problem by holding the violin down on their arm relatively than below the chin, releasing up
their jaws to “call” the dance strikes. This approach is a massive no-no in classical taking part in (realm of the shoulder relaxation) and it created yet one more rift between violin
and fiddle.

Style of Music for Both the Violin & Fiddle

For the most half, “fiddle” is a model of music, resembling Celtic, bluegrass, or Old Time. Nevertheless, there are a few
variations between fiddle and violin music:

  • The objective of violin music is magnificence and energy. The objective of fiddling is danceability.

  • Violin music is typically more durable to play than it sounds. Fiddle music is often simpler.

  • Violin efficiency takes extra power and focus than fiddle music.

  • Fiddle music is often improvised partly. Violin music is not often improvisational. (One of the final
    vestiges of improvisation in violin music is in the cadenzas which are typically written by the performer.)

“Serious violin music” by the violin has a increased goal than having a good time. And so it leaves many individuals standing out in the chilly.
Only a lot room in the Church, in the fortress, in the service provider’s live performance corridor. In any tradition dominated by the priest class, the army class, the service provider class, or any
mixture, music will serve the goal of the rulers of that society, seen or unseen. Only in the remaining class, the employees, is music free to be spontaneous and

The fiddle, as we are able to plainly see, makes music of the folks, by the folks, and for the folks. This implies that the genuine selection of
populist musical expression, freed from coercive restraint, or blatant payoffs, is fiddling, not violin taking part in.

Different Sounds & Aesthetic Values

Here is the aesthetic evaluation of the violin and fiddle: the objective of violin taking part in is magnificence, energy, and
For fiddling, the dominant aesthetic is rhythmic power and thriller. Energy might be simply a
completely different approach of energy. For fiddlers, magnificence is not a massive worth.

This distinction of aesthetic worth results in a large distinction in the sound. You acknowledge that live performance violin sound the second you hear it.
Just as that danceable fiddle sound once you hear it.

Another distinction between the devices are the strategies used to play them, mentioned Laura Talbott, assistant professor for
violin and viola for the Ohio State University Music Department. “Fiddle taking part in is a little extra folks based mostly, and it doesn’t emphasize one correct approach of doing issues
over one other,” she mentioned.

Historical Origins: Dance Music vs. the Concert Hall

Supposing the foremost distinction is in the sound, the place did this distinction come from? What’s the historic lineage of the fiddle and the

For severe violin music, the historic origin is the church. Sacred music was the solely music that paid the payments for severe
composers like Palestrina. Using devices from the string household was effectively established by the time of Bach.

Fiddle music, traditionally, is dance music. We’re speaking about generations and generations of individuals transferring their ft
rhythmically to the sound of a few simply transportable musical devices. A bowed string instrument has been common in most cultures, simply as a plucked string instrument or a flute
or a reed horn of some variety.

Fiddle music tends to return from the folks-dance custom, with a strict rhythm for the dancers, and melodic improvisation so as to add coloration.
Classical music, notably in the age of Vivaldi and Bach, additionally adopted these tendencies. A gigue is a jig. But since that point, the two branches of music have

Want to have a good time? Get a fiddler.

Violinists & Fiddlers, Come Together!

Luckily plainly the violin/fiddle hole has narrowed significantly in the previous few years. Most gamers use new hybrid strings that possess a
full and wealthy, but clear, tone and reply effectively to each classical and fiddle taking part in. Most fashionable violinists aren’t so sticky about effective tuners anymore as they’re seen as
a bonus over utilizing cussed outdated pegs.

The resurgence of fiddle music in popular culture has created a chance for fiddlers to aspire to a increased degree of taking part in capacity and for
violin college students to department out and attempt different genres of music. Hence, fiddlers and violinists alike have finer devices and a formal music training.

Fiddle approach is being deserted by many fiddlers who’ve found the advantages, resembling larger pace and fewer backaches, of the
classical approach. New packages in music training have produced fiddlers who can learn music and violinists who can improvise.

As extra musicians department out musically and develop new methods of taking part in there shall be little distinction between “violin” and
“fiddle.” Musicians will really feel rather more comfy taking part in with one another and the stereotypes will fade away, each violin and fiddle shall be legitimate.

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By Gordon Swift

If I had a greenback for each time somebody has requested me at a marriage ceremony reception or a coffeehouse gig if I play fiddle or violin, I may give up my day job and spend extra time taking part in my—effectively, violin or fiddle. I often reply, “They’re really the same instrument, just different kinds of music.” You know: violin is for classical and jazz whereas fiddle is for folks, nation, and bluegrass.

But is that basically true? The cowl of Strings journal proclaims it is “for players of violin, viola, cello, bass, and fiddle” as if violin and fiddle are separate and distinct.

But what precisely is the distinction? Since we all know fairly effectively what a violin is, the query boils right down to, “What is a fiddle?”

Over in the musicology division, The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians defines “fiddle” as “a generic term for any chordophone [stringed instrument] played with a bow.” This instrument group contains the violin and many different devices as various as the one-string goge of sub-Saharan Africa, having a gourd sound field lined with iguana or boa pores and skin; the North Indian sarangi, with taking part in strings stopped by the fingernails and 35 sympathetic strings; and the rebab, a spike fiddle whose quavering music floats on prime of the metallophones in the gamelan orchestras of Java and Bali.

Western classical gamers typically use “fiddle” as an affectionate time period for the violin, that intimate companion and workmate. But in the United States, most frequently “fiddle” means the violin as utilized in Irish-Scottish-French conventional music and all the descendant American types: Appalachian, bluegrass, Cajun, and so on.

On the floor, this sort of fiddle music is technically much less advanced than classical violin (although typically very quick!). Many fiddle gamers by no means go away first place. But fiddling calls for excellent talent in producing the rhythmic and melodic raise initially supposed to get folks dancing and preserve them that approach. Even after we’re simply listening to a effectively-performed fiddle tune, chances are high we’re transferring our our bodies one way or the other – tapping our ft or fingers, or nodding our heads. The emphasis tends to be on rhythmic drive and a regular move of melody by means of fundamental kinds, typically AABB.

This structural simplicity opens up room for variations and impromptu elaborations; the fiddler’s artistry lies in the nuanced bowing and refined selection with which these deceptively easy tunes are spun out.

There’s one other fiddle custom, with very completely different values, in African-American music. Here “fiddle” and “violin” get combined up in some fascinating methods.

Before jazz and blues emerged round the flip of the twentieth century, there was already a lengthy custom of black string bands that used fiddle and banjo way over guitar. Continuing on into the Twenties and ’30s, the string bands listed the instrument as violin on their recordings.

For occasion, the core duo of the Mississippi Sheiks, certainly one of the hottest of those bands (and creators of the basic music “Sitting on Top of the World“), was Lonnie Chatmon on violin and Walter Vinson on guitar and vocals. And a 1928 recording by the Johnson Boys has guitarist and fiddler Lonnie Johnson at one point exhort his instrument, “Violin, sing the blues for me!”

That line additionally serves as the title of a assortment of African-American string-band music with eloquent historic notes by producer Marshall Wyatt.


Today the tough-edged sound of those gamers would put them in the fiddlers’ camp, however they might have used the identify “violin” to differentiate their music from the older model of sq.-dance fiddling. (In the notes to a compilation of tracks by the Mississippi Sheiks, a member of the Chatmon household says about the earlier era’s music, “They didn’t call ’em violins in those days, they called ’em fiddles.”)

The later string bands featured authentic songs with violin accompaniment in a new bluesy model that takes the voice as its mannequin, taking part in in free unison or buying and selling phrases with the singer. Even throughout instrumental breaks the violin breathes, taking time for pauses and lengthy-held notes. Tempos are typically relaxed, giving the gamers area to deploy a wealth of violin strategies: taking part in in increased positions, broad slides, vibrato, tremolo, or pizzicato.

Now calling it “violin” doesn’t imply this music is all severe and formal. In the Wyatt assortment you’ll discover James Cole on violin in “Adam and Eve” with Tommie Bradley singing: “Adam and Eve/in the Garden of Eden /surely must’ve shook that thang, oh yeah!/surely must’ve shook that thang.” And simply once you assume you’ve acquired a deal with on the identify of the instrument, alongside comes the Memphis Jug Band, with a band member urging on Charlie Pierce in “Memphis Blues”: “Aw, have a fit on that fiddle!”

Taking Liberties

In distinction to Western-Classical violin requirements, the European-American and African-American fiddle and violin types share a large number of ways in which gamers arrange and maintain the instrument. They could fatten the curve of the bridge to facilitate double stops, or reduce the bridge decrease than the classical norm for a better motion. Some fiddle gamers maintain the bow stick a number of inches up from the frog or relaxation the palm of the left hand towards the neck. Still others use what a Classical participant would take into account a pretty normal setup and maintain.

When I carry out for social events like weddings, I play a number of tunes which are exhausting to suit tight into both the violin or the fiddle class. (That should be why folks ask me what instrument I’m taking part in.)

For instance, throughout the prelude to a marriage ceremony ceremony whereas visitors are gathering, I play some outdated Irish airs and different tranquil numbers to calm everybody’s nerves. Then, simply earlier than the bride’s processional, I typically play my very own association of Henry Purcell’s Trumpet Tune in the key of D. Setting it this fashion provides quick access to loads of double-stops utilizing open strings for a massive, daring sound, heightening the anticipation amongst the assembled visitors.

At that time, taking liberties with a classical composition, am I taking part in violin or fiddle?

I’m undecided myself.

Another exhausting-to-categorize tune is the waltz “Sobre las Olas“, a easy melody that appears to have led a lifetime of its personal – touring by means of Classical, common, and folks idioms – because it was first printed in 1884 by Juventino Rosas. He was a Mexican violinista born into a poor Otomi Indian household of musicians.


After transferring to Mexico City, Rosas achieved nice success in his quick life (he died at 26) as a composer of salon music for the aristocracy. His works included this piece in the model of the Viennese waltzes that had been all the rage at the time. Later, as “Over the Waves,” it turned a dance hit in the United States and a staple of the Lawrence Welk Orchestra, with its polished, classically-educated violinists.

I first heard the tune in the mid-Nineteen Fifties, performed by a studio orchestra, as the soundtrack to Popeye the Sailor cartoons on my household’s primordial black-and-white TV. Then, in 1969, Nashville nice Kenny Baker included his fiddle model with a bluegrass band on the basic album Portrait of a Bluegrass Fiddler.

All the whereas, in small cities on each side of the Mexican border removed from TV cameras and recording studios, “Sobre las Olas” was a normal tune at social dances and weddings. Abenicio Montoya of Santa Fe, New Mexico, performs it in that model on the collected recordings of La Musica de los Viejitos: Hispano Folk Music of the Rio Grande del Norte. This lovely guide and three-CD set, written and produced by Jack Loeffler, focuses on conventional Hispanic musicians (together with a number of violinistas) of New Mexico and southern Colorado.

Following that path would lead naturally to Arizona and the outdated fiddle model of the Tohono O’odham (the indigenous Desert People that straddle the border of the United States and Mexico).

But that may be a completely different article!

Some of the most fascinating music has all the time come out of initiatives that cross standard boundaries of the day, and today gamers with prodigious technical talent are busy collaborating throughout the violin/fiddle boundary.

I’m certain the Classical violin repertoire will dwell ceaselessly, as will the huge physique of tunes which are clearly for fiddle.

But like an estuary the place salt and recent water combine, nourishing an abundance of life, there can even all the time be a wealthy musical territory the place violin and fiddle music mix, and folks puzzle over what they need to name that instrument.

This article was initially printed in the March 2006 situation of Strings journal.

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Irish Traditional Fiddle Music From The Heart Of Fingal

Artist Name: Brendan P. Lynch
Musicians : Brendan P. Lynch (fiddle), with Tom O’Connor (guitar), David L. Lynch (bodhrán, jew’s harp), Mary McGuire (harp)
01 Reels Jenny’s Wedding, Kerry Reel, Cameronian Reel 0:00
02 Hornpipes Fiddlers Contest, Stacks Of Barley 5:00
03 Shetland Air The Old Resting Chair 8:39
04 Jigs Herd Of Cattle, Rosewood, Tamara’s Jig 13:03
05 Waltz Into A Reel Margaret’s Waltz, Boys Of Malin 17:21
06 Jigs Tatter Jack Walsh, Cook In The Kitchen, Garret Barry’s 21:47
07 Air Carolan’s Draught 26:44
08 Hornpipe The Derry Hornpipe 30:04
09 Set Dance Princess Royal 33:33
10 Mazurikas Sonny Brogans, Shoe The Donkey 37:36
11 Reels Red Haired Lass, Danny O’Donnell’s Reel 41:10
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Irish Traditional Fiddle Music From The Heart Of Fingal

VIOLIN vs VIOLA What’s the Difference??

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