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Every so typically the drumming world faces a brand new innovation. Already a favorite of gamers like Will Calhoun, the Sleishman Twin is a singular reply to the ‘issues’ of typical double pedals.

Every so typically the drumming world faces a brand new innovation. Already a favorite of gamers like Will Calhoun, the Sleishman Twin is a singular reply to the ‘issues’ of typical double pedals.

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Imagine a world of 1-handed guitarists – it does not make sense for a guitarist to solely use one hand, however many drummers nonetheless keep on with a single bass drum pedal. With the rise of the comparatively cheap double pedal, nonetheless, an increasing number of gamers are experimenting with enjoying the bass drum with each ft.

Almost all double pedals comply with the identical primary design – a fundamental pedal that clamps to the bass drum hoop, and a slave pedal that is linked by a linkage, often positioned subsequent to the hello-hat. A standard problem with this design is a lack of energy via the linkage, leading to an inconsistent really feel between the slave and fundamental pedal. Until now, the one different was to make use of two bass drums – hardly cost- or area-efficient.

Hailing from Australia, Don Sleishman thinks he has an answer to those issues within the new model of the Sleishman Twin pedal. Sleishman’s unique Twin pedal idea dates again to 1972, so Don’s had loads of time to refine this incarnation. And that is the consequence…


Looking for all of the world prefer it’s stepped out of a Fifties sci-fi movie, it is apparent that the Twin is like nothing that is come earlier than, comprising two rocket-formed machined footboards bolted to a black powder-coated body, with two curved aluminium protuberances that sprout from the footboards and connect with what seems to be a normal ‘chain and cam’ set-up.

“The spikes proved extremely effective at countering bass drum creep – so much so that they lifted the carpet tiles of the rehearsal studio, necessitating a quick getaway!”

However, the posts on which the cams are mounted are each canted inwards by about 10 levels, and are set centrally between the footboards, which in flip sit both facet of the bass drum, permitting you to take a seat centrally, dealing with the bass drum. The beaters are twin sided, and the cams enable impartial beater and pedal angle adjustment, permitting you to tremendous-tune to the nth diploma.

The body has an adjustable baseplate which clamps to the entire of the bass drum hoop to eradicate slippage, and spikes to stop undesirable carpet creep.

Hands on

Unpacking the Twin pedal from the included comfortable case bag, it is clear that it is a properly-assembled piece of equipment. With the included directions, set-up was a doddle – however integrating it into the equipment took extra time.

Because the pedal is designed so that you face the bass drum straight, getting cozy necessitated some re-arranging. We positioned the snare straight between two rack toms and moved the ground tom additional out. Once we might acquired used to the brand new place it meant the equipment was laid out with the whole lot in simple attain. With extra time it might have been simple to develop an open-handed fashion, though inserting the hello-hat proper subsequent to the left pedal meant the cymbals got here perilously near the rack toms.

Once arrange, the pedal labored flawlessly. The rapid really feel was a little bit mild, however a little bit of tinkering and a few beater weights sorted that. Pedal response between every foot was comparable, as there is no linkage to degrade the response – though it is noticeable when enjoying that the toe-finish of the pedal is not straight linked to the beater. Toe-stops are, nonetheless, included within the bag.

Quick patterns have been simple to execute with not one of the variations in quantity or accuracy typically discovered on typical doubles. One minor niggle was that the snare stand ft stored catching below the pedals, however you possibly can regulate the space between the pedals or the angle of the footboards to counter this simply. The spikes proved extraordinarily efficient at countering bass drum creep – a lot in order that they lifted the carpet tiles of the rehearsal studio, necessitating a fast getaway!

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Submitted January 20, 2010 by a buyer from yahoo.com

“Simply, the best double bass pedal on the market now!&quot

This review has been chosen by our consultants as notably useful.

I’ll personal this product via my enjoying profession. I’ve no motive to look for one other pedal to interchange this one, it’s the greatest I’ve ever seen! It ought to final me for a few years.


This is one of the best double bass pedal far none I’ve performed, and owned in my 28 years of enjoying! It provides a robust, and quick sound when it strikes the bass drum.


It got here with helpful equipment to regulate the pedals rigidity, and motion. It got here with a really good padded journey case.

Ease of Use

You can regulate the pedals simply to get a extra energy stroke to the bass. This bass pedal has nice response, the quickest double bass pedal I consider in the marketplace.


This double bass pedal is the very best quality, and properly manufactured product in the marketplace that I’ve seen in my 28 years of enjoying. The end is gorgeous, and has a sturdy paint end.


For the cash, that is one of the best double bass pedal on the market in the marketplace fingers down!

Manufacturer Support

I’ve had no bother with this product because the day I purchased it. I purchased this via a supplier in my dwelling city, in a roundabout way via the manufacturing Co. This product is made in Australia. It is made so properly by Don Sleishman that I’ve had no issues to should notify them.

The Wow Factor

This is a pointy trying pedal. I did not purchase it for the seems, however for the design, and engineering idea. It paid off, it’s the greatest!

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Christian Rock, Classic Rock,Jazz, Blues, Funk.

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Que Pedal É Esse? Conheça O Twin Pedal Sleishman

Que pedal estranho é esse? Te apresento o Twin Pedal Sleishman.
Esse é um pedal duplo de bateria com características muito diferentes. Ele deixa todo o equipment de bateria mais centralizado devido a sua disposição.
A Sleishman é uma marca australiana pioneira na criação desse tipo de pedal.
Deixe um comentário dizendo o que achou do pedal!
Professor de bateria: Conrado Soares | @conrado.batera
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Quem é o professor de bateria Conrado Soares?
Educador, músico há 29 anos, influenciador digital, fundador do Baterista Moderno, criador dos cursos Top Speed, Power Up, Pivô Total, Bateria Descomplicada e Fábrica de Viradas, ganhador de prêmio e empreendedor.
Um verdadeiro apaixonado por bateria e percussão, acredita que todo músico precisa estudar e ter acesso a conteúdos de qualidade. Responsável pela fan web page e pela Escola Baterista Moderno, uma das maiores marcas sobre o mundo das baquetas na internet. Mais de 30.000 músicos já estudaram suas aulas. A fan web page conta com mais de 195.000 aficionados, e os números não param de crescer! Atualmente é uma das maiores autoridades em bateria de nosso país.
orgulhodeserbaterista sleishman pedal

Que Pedal É Esse? Conheça O Twin Pedal Sleishman

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Sleishman Twin Pedal Up Close

Sleishman Twin Pedal… A group of stills exhibiting this revolutionary double pedal’s arrange.r
For extra information try www.sleishman.com

Sleishman Twin Pedal Up Close

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