Musicians Friend Vs Guitar Center 2021: Which Is Better And Why?

Musicians Friend Vs Guitar Center 2021 Which Is Better And Why

What is exactly a comparison between musicians friend vs guitar center? It is clarified their advantages and disadvantages. After that, you can base on it and find out the best store you like.

Why do we need to buy a guitar at a good store during we can buy them outside? Oh no, all of the information given by Cazzette is there’s a reason. If you don’t know-how is a good guitar store, Cazzette makes sure that you will buy a bad guitar. Moreover, you can be cheated money. So, this post’s purpose is to help you buy a real guitar.

Guitar Center Overview

Guitar Center

Guitar Center is the United States’ largest music retailer. You are likely to live within an hour of a Guitar Center store if you’re in America.

Guitar Center makes around $2 billion annually in revenue. This is more than Sweetwater, which is the closest competitor. This is due to the company’s large presence, with physical stores in almost every decent-sized town. Despite some debt issues, the company appears to be on solid financial feet now.

Guitar Center competes with Sweetwater, Musician’s Friend, and zZounds to be the largest online retailer. Guitar Center will be the best option for you, whether you prefer to shop in person or online.

Musician’s Friend Overview

Musician’s Friend began as a catalog ordering company, and it became an online retailer in 1997. It was the first online retailer of major music gear brands, and it has grown steadily since.

Musician’s Friend currently ships orders from its 700k-foot Kansas City distribution center. It also has call centers and offices in California, Indiana, and Utah. According to the company’s website, they ship approximately 10,000 orders per day.

Musician’s Friend earned around $36 million in 2020. It employs around 10,000 people in the United States.

Guitar Center currently owns Musician’s Friend, but the companies have their brands, distribution centers, and websites. Musician’s Friend sells only online, while Guitar Center also has physical locations across the country.

Musician’s Friend Vs Guitar Center: Which Guitar Store Should You Buy From?

Now that we have compared all the key differences between Guitar Center and Musician’s Friend, which one is best? Which store should you purchase gear from?

The companies are fairly even across the board, which is understandable. The same company owns both companies, and they share many of the same policies.

Guitar Center is the larger brand, with hundreds of locations that are easily accessible in addition to its website. We will still give Guitar Center the edge.

If you shop exclusively online, Musician’s Friend has some great deals and perks.

Musician’s Friend Vs Guitar Center: What’s the Difference?

Musician’s Friend Vs Guitar Center What’s the Difference

Now that you know a little bit about each company’s history, what are the key differences? Here are some important points to remember.

Website User Experience

You want to shop online and find a site that is simple to use.

Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular. Guitar Center does not necessarily have this advantage.

There are some things that I look for when shopping online for music gear:

  • Site overall look and feel
  • Search engine functionality
  • Reviews and information that is well-presented

The Guitar Center and Musician’s Friend websites have a modern, sleek look. The banners at the top of both websites inform customers about the latest holiday sales, and you can click on any category down.

Guitar’s Center’s website does contain video, making it look a bit more modern than Musician’s Friend. The images are also brighter in general. Guitar Center doesn’t have any featured articles on gear that Musician’s Friend has.

Both sites seem to have the same search engine. When I type “Epiphone” into the search box, I get various auto-fill options below, along with some photos of top results to my right. Although the images were slightly different, the auto-fill results were nearly identical. Both search engines should allow you to find what you are looking for quickly.

The layouts of each site’s product pages are slightly different once you get to them. Each site features an overview of the product followed by specifications and reviews. Guitar Center has a more detailed overview, with specs and reviews. It also features a video.

Both sites have the same guitar specs. The Guitar Center site only shows reviews. However, the Musician’s Friend site has a “+” button that allows you to view them.

Guitar Center also features a “Most loved positive review” and a “Most disliked negative review” at the top of its reviews section. This data is culled from all reviews and includes information about the pros and cons of Guitar Center’s product. It’s easy to see a broad overview of customer reactions without having to read through multiple reviews.

Both retailers have great websites; Cazzette prefers Guitar Center. Musician’s Friend, an exclusively online store, surprised me. Guitar Center is a lot more modern and elegant in its overall design and feel.

Return Policy

We all experience buyer’s remorse from time to time, let’s face it. It’s comforting to know that you can return the item without any hassle if it happens.

How do Guitar Center and Musician’s Friend compare in terms of return policies?

Musician’s Friend offers a 45-day “No Hassle” return policy. It takes a whole month to find out if your gear is truly for you. You can return the item for a full refund or exchange it. The shipping costs will be your responsibility.

Guitar Center offers a 45-day satisfaction guarantee. Online orders will be charged shipping charges, and in-store purchases can be returned to Guitar Center. To avoid shipping charges, you can return online-purchased items to your nearest store.

Both brands are fairly equal in terms of returns. Both brands give you 45 days to decide if you want to return the item. Guitar Center gives you the option of returning something to your nearest store to avoid shipping costs. This will give them a slight advantage.

Selection Variety

You want to find the best selection possible when shopping for new gear. How does Guitar Center compare to Musician’s Friend?

Guitar Center and Musician’s Friend, two of the most well-known names in music gear, are likely to have what you need. You will find major brands such as Gibson, Fender, and Ibanez and smaller boutique brands such as JHS Pedals or Earthquaker Devices. Both brands also carry used gear, so there is plenty to choose from.

Musician’s Friends claims they have the largest stock of music gear, with more than 1,700,000. Guitar Center is Musician’s Friend’s parent company, so it’s safe for us to assume that they have at most as much, if perhaps more, selection.

Although both companies appear to have similar selections, Guitar Center has a slight advantage due to its multiple locations. Every store will have a unique selection of used gear, which changes every day. You can also visit the website to see if there isn’t something you need.

Musician’s Friend offers a Private Reserve selection of high-end guitars and amps. This is similar to the high-end, locked guitar room at most Guitar Centers. You can find premium items at both stores, but you might be able to locate vintage gear more easily at Guitar Center due to its physical location.


Both companies offer a large selection of used and new gear. However, it is important to have most of the stock available.

Musician’s Friend has a huge distribution center in Kansas City, MO, claiming to stock almost 2 million items.

Guitar Center has many locations across the country and also has a warehouse in Brownsburg. Each store’s inventory will be different depending on its location, but they will likely be capable of ordering anything fast.

In terms of inventory, both companies appear to be fairly equal. Musician’s Friend offers the convenience of having all the inventory in one location, but Guitar Center allows for flexibility by having multiple locations and the ability to order items quickly.


If something happens to your gear during the first few years, a warranty could be helpful. Some stores also offer additional protection, while most manufacturers have their warranties.

All guitars and basses come with a 2-year free warranty from Musician’s Friends. This is a nice benefit, especially when you consider the manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty is not available for basses or guitars. Musician’s Friend also offers Gold Coverage at an additional cost.

Guitar Center offers professional coverage for an additional fee depending on the length of your coverage, which is similar to Musician’s Friend Gold. It includes things such as accidents and environmental factors. Guitar Center doesn’t offer a free warranty.

Guitar Center and Musician’s Friend offer different warranties plans. Musician’s Friend offers a 2-year free warranty on all guitars, basses, and other instruments.

Customer Service

Customer service is essential for any shopping experience, online or offline. It is nice to feel that a company cares about your experience and not just making a sale.

Musician’s Friend has Gear Advisors who are available via chat or phone seven days a semaine. These are musicians who can help you with any questions about your order or other gear queries.

Guitar Center is more traditional in its retail setup, with its physical locations. The employees are assigned to their areas of expertise. For example, the Drum Room will have a drummer, while the Pro Audio area will include people who have experience with recording and live sound.

Guitar Centers have a more traditional retail hierarchy. If you need more power or experience, you can speak to a manager.

Customer service is an individual thing that can be hard to quantify. Guitar Center is a large corporation that has a set standard for all its stores.

However, execution can vary from one store to the next. Depending on the person serving you, you may receive exceptional service in St. Louis or so-so in Phoenix. These stores can have high turnover, which could mean that the quality of service might vary from month to month.

Musician’s Friend, an exclusively online company, can’t provide the same level of hands-on service as Guitar Center, but they are likely to offer a more consistent service. Musician’s Friend employees don’t receive a commission, unlike Guitar Center.

This means that they have no personal interest in trying and get you to buy higher-end gear, which may result in a larger commission. Guitar Center employees often earn less than minimum wage and rely on their commissions to make a living. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they will try to convince you in any way, but it is something to be aware of.

Guitar Center has both great and mediocre employees, according to my experience. It has its advantages and disadvantages, just like any other business.

The good thing about commission work is that employees are more likely than others to do whatever it takes to make the customer happy. Great salespeople are more interested in building relationships that last many years than just making one sale.

If you prefer to shop in person for gear, Guitar Center or another local music shop is the best option. Musician’s Friends may be better if you prefer to order online.


It would help if you considered shipping costs when shopping online for gear. This can make or break your budget depending on what item you choose.

Musician’s Friend offers ground shipping free of charge within the United States. A $5 pack of strings can be shipped free, and there is no minimum order.

Guitar Center offers ground shipping for most orders. To qualify, you must spend $25. This is a huge bummer, but it’s an acceptable policy for many online retailers.

Guitar Center offers the ability to order online and pick up your item at your local store for free shipping. It’s not as convenient to have something delivered right to your doorstep, but it’s still an option.

The shipping policies for used gear do not apply to both stores, as individual sellers often ship them. Some exceptions are made for very overweight or special orders, but they are all standard.

Guitar Center and Musician’s Friend offer free ground shipping for most items. However, Musician’s Friend does not have to spend a minimum amount to get free shipping.


Prices for new gear will remain the same at Guitar Center and Musician’s Friend. Music gear prices are generally standardized so that they will be identical in any store.

Each store will have different sales throughout the year. Therefore, used gear prices may vary. They offer a price-matching guarantee which means that they will match any lower price within 45 days after purchasing an item.

Musician’s Friend offers a “Stupid Deal of the Day”, where a new piece of gear is offered at a steeply discounted price every day. This is a great way to get some amazing deals if you pay attention. Guitar Center offers a similar deal on their website, “The Daily Pick.”

These stores have similar prices, but you may be able to find better deals on used gear at Guitar Center. We will give them a slight advantage.

Musician’s Friend Vs. Guitar Center: Which is the Best Guitar Store?

You’re in the right spot if you are looking to purchase a new guitar or any other piece of musical equipment but don’t know how to begin.

Guitar Center and Musician’s Friend are two of the most recognizable names in gear. Each company has its strengths, and both have been around for decades.

Which one is better? Which one is better?

This comprehensive review will compare Musician’s Friend Vs. Guitar Center to find the best guitar shop. We will be looking at many factors, such as selection and customer service.


Are Guitar Center and Musician’s Friend the same company?

Yes. Guitar Center purchased Musician’s Friend early in 2000. They are still distinct brands, with their facilities.

Is Musicians Friend owned by Sweetwater?

Musician’s Friend is a subsidiary of Guitar Center and offers a similar selection of guitars and other music equipment from some of the most respected brands. Sweetwater is one of the most trusted online music instrument retailers worldwide.

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What company owns Guitar Center?

Guitar Center is owned and managed by Ares Management, a global alternative investment manager.

Is musicians friend any good?

Musician’s Friend is a safe and reliable place to purchase musical equipment. This company has been in business for many years and is a trusted name in the industry. They offer price-matching and a 45-day return policy. All guitars and basses come with a 2-year free warranty.

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Can I return Musician’s Friend products to Guitar Center?

No. Musician’s Friend and Guitar Center are independent organizations with their policies and employees.

Is Zzounds a good place to buy a guitar?

zZounds, an online guitar shop that stocks the best brands in the business, is a leader in this market. They offer the fastest shipping times and the most competitive prices.

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Who does Musicians Friend use for shipping?

Shipped by USPS (3-6-10 business days).



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