Google Play Music Vs Itunes 2021: Which Is Better And Why?

Google Play Music Vs Itunes 2021 Which Is Better And Why

You love iTunes but want to learn more about Google Play Music? This comparison of Google Play Music Vs Itunes will help you find your way. There are many strengths and weaknesses to compatibility with your device, regardless of whether it’s Google Play Music (or iTunes).

This article will discuss the differences between these types of services. It is important to provide all information to help you choose the best type of service. For more information, please refer to the article.

How To Choose The Best Streaming Service

When choosing which streaming service to use, the most important factors to consider are the price, song library, and ease of use. Each of the three major streaming services excels in at minimum one dimension.

This guide will then show you how to compare Apple Music vs. Amazon Music and Google Play in all essential categories to make an informed decision.

Apple Music

Apple Music1

Apple Music is a great choice if you own an iOS or Mac device. The streaming service is already included in iTunes, which comes as a default on every Mac, iPhone, and iPad. With the macOS Catalina coming in fall 2019, iTunes will also be replaced by the Apple Music app and Apple TV, Apple Podcasts, and Apple TV.

Apple Music, the future of iTunes, is Apple Music. Apple is making every effort to make Apple Music a success. The Apple Music app, which is unprecedented for Apple, is now available on Android to reach the largest market.

Apple Music subscriptions come with a 3-month free trial and more than 50,000,000 songs.

Apple Music is the perfect app for those who love to listen to new music every day. Apple Music will ask you questions the first time you log in to the app. This will help it determine the songs that will be played on Beats 1 radio.

This station can play unlimited music that Apple’s algorithms believe you would like at the touch of a button. You’d be amazed how often they’re right.

Apple Music is a powerful company that can secure exclusives such as concert footage and live performances.

Apple Music is $9.99 per month for a single subscription. A subscription costs only $4.99 for students with an account. A family plan can be purchased for $14.99, which you can share with up to six accounts.


  • Massive library of exclusives
  • Excellent integration with Apple products
  • Trial period of three months free
  • Beautiful Apple Music app


  • It is not the most expensive option.

Google Play Music

Google is another giant in streaming content. All Android devices have the Google Play store, which is pre-installed on all of them.

You can also get Google Play for Mac if you are a Mac user. The Google Play Music app is easy to use and beautiful. Many people say the Google Play app is superior to Apple’s iTunes and blows out Amazon Music.

Google Play Music’s best feature is its ability to store your music there even if you don’t have a subscription. Uploading large libraries takes some time, but you can stream or download your songs from Google Play anytime once you’re done.

You can only register 10,000 songs this way. This is plenty for most people. Of course, it’s a simple matter to create a Google Play Music account regardless of whether you have a subscription.

How about the price?

Google Play Music subscriptions cost $9.99 per month or $14.99 for a family plan that supports up to six accounts. Google’s family account doesn’t require you to share your address with anyone on your plan. This allows you to split the cost with friends and take turns paying for the service.


  • Slick Google Play App for Mac
  • You can register your existing music library.
  • Amazing integration with Android devices


  • There aren’t many extras or bonuses.
  • You can try it for 30 days free.

Google Play Music Vs. Apple Music: Which one’s the best?

Google Play Music Vs. Apple Music: Which one’s the best?


Digital music is like Netflix titles that can change. This is a frustrating thing that happens with any service. Apple Music is a better option than Google Play music for my tastes, but it’s close. Both have tracks I don’t listen to enough that I end up purchasing them both.

Apple Music is the winner.

Radio/Music Discovery

Google Play Music is amazing at understanding my musical preferences, thanks to the rating mentioned above system. It can recognize my musical preferences very well. It is easy to click on a track, get a station based upon it, and discover new music. The playlist interface is fast and easy to use, and I can quickly see all the music Google suggests I like.

It’s fantastic. It’s a little creepy, but it’s great!

Apple Music has never shown any concern for my musical tastes. Although it has some discovery functionality, it is a little more obscured and seems to be a bit less random than Google’s. It picks music more often that I don’t like.

This could be because I use Google’s search tools more than Apple’s. Apple hasn’t had a chance to learn. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. I wouldn’t say I like Apple’s discovery system, so I don’t use it as much.

Winner: Google Play Music

Sound Quality

If you use the highest quality streaming, it’s hard to discern any significant differences in sound quality between GP Music or Apple Music. Apple seems to be more committed than most companies to quality encodes. This brings us to our main point:

One big difference is when you listen to Mastered for iTunes albums.

Apple started an initiative to improve the quality and quantity of digital music a few years ago. Apple created mixing guidelines to help music producers get the most out of Apple’s compression and platform. Apple requires that all Mastered for iTunes tracks meet these guidelines. This can sometimes result in dramatically different/improved audio quality.

Some songs have a subtle difference, while others are immediately noticeable. Are there any restrictions on these masters appearing on other services as well? No. However, the program’s new nature means that you can often hear the most recent masters only on iTunes/Apple Music.

This is not always evident after testing it across multiple tracks. Certain albums had required more work than others. Not all albums will be remastered for Mastered for iTunes. Apple Music is not able to show you which songs meet these standards. You’ll need to visit the iTunes store page for more information. It’s cumbersome!

Many people speculate that Apple may eventually use higher quality masters to produce lossless audio. However, this speculation has not been confirmed. Both have excellent base compression quality. However, Apple sometimes has better masters and better care.

UPDATE: 4/27/2017: Hayley Westenra’s Danny Boy is a track that has an obvious audio difference/compression difference. It’s from her Celtic Treasure album. On Google Play Music, the sound of a warble can be heard when she hits the top notes. The dynamic range in the Google Play version of Google Play Music is also compressed.

After noticing the issue, I checked out the entire album and found that there were compression issues throughout.

It’s not part of the iTunes mastered for iTunes program. So maybe Apple’s compression works better on some tracks. It could be a Google error.

UPDATE 08/13/2018: The above audio issue has been resolved a year and a quarter later. Wayne, thank you for alerting me to this! It’s not clear if a new master uploaded or if Google has increased compression in its efforts to develop their backend for support of the new YouTube Music system. It’s good to know that this particular album has been fixed.

Apple wins in audio quality, regardless of the outcome!

Apple Music is the winner.

User Interface

Google Play Music is a great interface. It is easy to organize your library in many different ways and create shareable playlists. It is completely web-based and can be used on both Mac and PC.

The thumbs-up/thumbs-down rating system is great for choosing tracks that I like. Google Play Music skips tracks that I thumb down and doesn’t show them again until I look for them again.

Google’s search function is amazing, which is not surprising considering its origins. It is easy to search for an artist and listen to their top songs.

Its connection with iTunes hampers Apple Music’s interface. This piece of software has needed updating for many years. Although it’s not broken or terrible, it does have a modern feature set. However, I feel it takes too many clicks for me to reach what I want.

The rating system isn’t as intuitive or accessible. It isn’t easy to choose whether to search Apple Music or my library. Why can’t I search both?

The interfaces on phones are closer, but Google Play Music still wins its superior search engine and organizational systems.

Winner: Google Play Music


Google allows you to upload your music to the cloud and then seamlessly integrate it into your library. This function is also available for Apple, but you will need a separate cloud storage account.

Apple Beats Radio is a live radio station. It’s not something I use.

Google Play Music gives you quick access to music videos of songs that you listen to on Youtube by clicking a button on the interface. That’s awesome!

Apple Music has recently added lyrics to some songs, but not all.

Apple Music offers a smoother experience if you have an Apple device. My iPhone’s Google Play Music app has occasionally crashed on me.

Google Play Music pays its artists five times as much per play as Apple. This is a huge deal. Musicians must make money to continue making music.

Winner: Google Play Music


Is Google Play Music Going Away 2020?

Google will discontinue Google Play Music by 2020 and switch existing customers to YouTube Music. The company has begun rolling out tools that allow users to transfer playlists, personal tastes preferences, and music libraries from Google Play into YouTube.

Search for:

Is Google Play music subscription worth it?

You can listen to unlimited music access to millions of songs for $9.99 per month. However, you can also get it free for 30 days. It’s worth it.


What happened to Google Play Music?

Google prompted users to transfer their music to another service after the app stopped offering streaming functionality in October 2020. If you need a physical download, Google still has the zip file that it holds. Although Google stated it would stop hosting such data by 2020, it appears it is still available.

Click here:

How much does it cost for Google Play Music?

Google Play allows you to discover millions of songs from any device instantly. All Access allows unlimited listening to millions upon millions of songs, as well as the ability to create custom radio stations and skip as many as you wish. Get a 30-day free trial, then only $9.99 per month.

See more:


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