Best Stripper Music 2021: Top 27 Songs For Many Decade

Best Stripper Music 2021 Top 27 Songs For Many Decade

Cazzette has some basics information for you if you are looking for the Best Stripper Music. These songs are well-known for their quality and the nude images of the dancers.

Also known as dance music or stripper songs, stripper music is also called stripper music. This fashion trend was first popularized in the 70s and 80s. This genre’s characteristic is still very much in fashion today. You can find out more by reading this post!

Top 27 Best Stripper Kinds Of Music Review For All Time

Top 27 Best Stripper Kinds Of Music Review For All Time

1. Girl Money

From Kix’s – Hotwire (1991)

Are you not familiar with Kix? You’re missing out. One of the most underrated acts of the 1980s, Kix blasted Hagerstown, Md., with fury and purposeful party rock.

Enter Girl Money. Spoilers aside, guess what? This song is about spending money, ahem on strippers. It’s shocking! It’s shocking!

2. Dangerous – Kardinal Offishal featuring Akon

This one is a pure ego-booster for the ladies. The lucky girl who works the pole that night probably feels like a star. It’s all about who is the most badass in the room. According to DJ FattBoi at Diamond’s Cabaret, girls are asking for this pole like crazy.

3. Talk Dirty To Me by Poison

Although the song is a bit old, it’s still a great Poison product.

The semi-erotic ’80s song suggests many places to get dirty, including behind the bushes, at the drive-in, and in the basement (locking the cellar door). It’s not surprising that Michaels and company convinced many women to expose a little of their skin.

4. Unskinny Bop

From Poison’s Flesh & Blood (1990)

Poison’s Unskinny Bop was already a hit on the Sunset Strip-via–Pennsylvania circuit. Their music was being played at strip bars across America, and many of their members had dated dancers.

Although the expression Unskinny Bop may not have any meaning, it can still contain all kinds of sexual innuendo that would make any teenage boy or adult blush.

5. Naked Hustle – Bizzle

This is another local song that may not be as popular north of Orlando but should be played by all DJs in black strip clubs. Bizzle wrote this song specifically for strippers.

The chorus of the song, Make It Rain, Make it Rain, is a catchy line that girls will want to hear when they are dancing. This song’s video was shot in a local strip club.

6. Toxic by Britney Spears

Take it back a few decades, and Ms. Spears was the most popular heiress to pop music. With her ingenious insinuations, sultry swagger, and not-so-innocent jokes, she had the whole world wrapped around her finger.

It doesn’t apply to every single one; while Toxic is a staple of strip clubs, do not underestimate “I’m a Slave 4 U” ‘s power to unleash a woman’s sexual prowess.

7. American Woman

From Lenny Kravitz’s 5 (1998)

Salute the flag Lenny Kravitz won a Grammy for this cover of Canadian rock icons The Guess Who. Some claim the song contains controversial lyrics about the American military.

However, the original songwriters refute this assertion, saying that the tune was not anti-American. Kravitz’s version “American Woman” has a driving beat that pumps a crowd full of bachelor party guys.

8. She Can Get It – DJ Laz

Although Arielle Castillo, my partner, is not a big fan of the song, it is very popular in Miami’s Latin and black strip bars. It’s all about men ogling hot women and deciding who they would sleep with.

If you were to ask this question, the answer would probably be “all of them.” A good dancer can see every player’s eyes when this song is playing and convince them to spend all their money on her.

9. Hot for Teacher by Van Halen

This song is a classic and reflects the ultimate fantasy, the wild, coy, educated girl. Strippers have worn schoolgirl outfits and dark-rimmed glasses for decades, only to take them off to dance around on a pole to try to make the grade and the dough. This is a great act of class.

10. Cherry Pie

From Warrant’s Cherry Pie (1990)

Warrant’s defining moment as a stripper-friendly song, Cherry Pie, is a must-have on any best stripper songs list. Poison tried innuendo with Unskinny Bop, but Warrant elevates it to a new level.

You can refer to some lines from Cherry Pie if you are writing an academic paper about the rhetoric of disguising sexual acts in art. The song’s guitar parts are so catchy that even the most reserved women will want to wiggle their hair a bit. Swing it!

11. Mrs. Officer Lil Wayne featuring Bobby Valentino

This one is simple enough for guys to dance to, even when it comes on. How do you think the strippers will react? Scotty, the Fort Lauderdale DJ at Pure Platinum, said that he has been receiving the most requests for the song of any music he plays this month.

This one is a guaranteed money-maker for the strippers because of Bobby Valentino’s vocals and Bobby Valentino’s guitars and bass.

12. Buttons by Pussycat Dolls

This group is akin to the Spice Girls of the strip club scene. They started as a burlesque group in the 1990s, so it’s not surprising that they produce music that makes girls feel sexy.

Particularly Buttons adopts a seductive yet submissive posture. The overdubbed moans, occasional yeah, and occasionally breathy yeah don’t hurt either. Snoop knew exactly what was going on.

13. Pour Some Sugar on Me

From Def Leppard’s Hysteria (1987)

Def Leppard was already a household name by the time Hysteria’ came out. The non-stop rotation on MTV’s single Photograph, which made the British boys superstars in Europe and North America with Pyromania, was a major factor in making the British lads’ Pyromania.

Although Hysteria didn’t sell immediately, the release Pour Some Sugar On Me skyrocketed them into the top ten in singles sales.

Few bands have written lyrics that are more suitable for a lap dance, like Def Leppard.

14. I’m So High – Grind Mode

Although there is a radio version called She’s So Fly, you won’t hear it in strip clubs. I’m So High, which is more gang friendly, is still a big hit inside most titty bars. With the Gorilla Tek beat that’s sultry and synthesized, it’s easy for girls to dance to this song and feel sexy.

15. Girls, Girls, Girls by Motley Crue

This song was composed to be seen naked girls taking off their clothes.

That’s actually what most of the Crue songs are about. This is probably why Gentlemen’s Clubs across America follow Dr. Feelgood’s lead and stock their jukeboxes with all of the 1980s music.

16. Bad Girlfriend

Theory of a Deadman’s Scars and Souvenirs (2008)

Seriously? Is that really what you mean? Take a look at the lyrics to Bad Girlfriend: She loves to shake her sex and grind it to the beat/ She likes pulling my hair when I make her clean her teeth/ She is a bad, bad friend.

The song is not about bad girlfriends. It’s all about daddy problems, and that’s what every good stripper anthem should focus on. The video was also shot in – you guessed right – a strip club.

17. Ass & Titties – DJ Assault

This is Detroit booty music at its best (the Northern complement to Miami Bass). This song is a must-listen for any girl. This song has been a standard for many years and makes girls dance like mad.

18. SexyBack by Justin Timberlake

Two words: Elena Anaya. The Spanish actress, who is also a model, appears in JT’s steamy video. She does her striptease on screen and helps Timberlake get dressed. Ladies, be aware. Get sexy.

19. Shakin’ Hands

From Nickelback’s Dark Horse (2008)

Chad Kroeger, the main songwriter for Nickelback, might be the most gifted person on the planet when writing songs with sexual innuendo.

Enter Shakin’ Hands, one of many singles that have been a huge success from the multi-platinum Dark Horse.

Although Shakin’ Hands can be a fun song to dance to, it’s also a cautionary tale. You grow up fast when you grow up poor/That’s the only route to LA she knows/ The Hollywood pose is teeth, tits, and toes.

20. Shone-Ball Greezy

This is pure 305 Hip-Hop, and the lyrics are all about having some fun after the club. This song is sexy and can be enjoyed by both men and women.

Although it isn’t a big hit in black strip clubs, these are undoubtedly the wildest clubs at the moment, so even though Shone doesn’t get much radio airplay, it is still a popular song within strip clubs. This is equally important.

21. Dirrty by Christina Aguilera

Aguilera makes it clear that she wants to be stripped down, with the line sweat till my clothes fall off. The pop star may have improved her image in recent years, but it’s hard to fault Aguilera for releasing 2002’s most sexually charged song and video. It’s the double r that, much like Nelly’s Hot in Herre, evokes the raw, gritty nature of it all.

22.Crazy Bitch

From Buckcherry’s 15 (2006)

Buckcherry’s life changed dramatically when Crazy Bitch was released. The band was suddenly able to create a trademark song and a marketing plan.

The video is based on personal experiences with crazy bitsches. It shows the band in jail with a hot female cop who dances and watches over her inmates.

Buckcherry used strip clubs to market their song and force the FCC and censors to play the edited version on terrestrial radio. The song went twice as platinum due to constant word-of-mouth buzz and listener requests.

23. Whatever You Like – T.I.

Stacks on the deck, patron on ice, and we can pop bottles all evening, baby. You have everything you want. T.I. is a woman’s favorite artist. His newest single, “Whatever You Like”, is the perfect song for girls to dance to while fantasizing.

Baby, I can treat you so nice. Fuel up the jet tonight, and you can a baby go wherever you want. Many of the girls I met at strip clubs want to be treated well and not have to dance naked for a bunch o’ guys. This song is a must-listen.

24. You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC

The lyrics portray the ideal woman as tall, beautiful, seductive, and thirsty for lust. When you reach the chorus, you will realize that Brian Johnson is more like a nude. This song has been a hit with women for over 20 years.

25. Pornstar Dancing

From My Darkest Days My Darkest Days (2010)

How can a brand new band make it to number 2 on such a prestigious list? That’s how: by creating the most popular stripper song of the last decade. Canadians My Darkest Day teamed up with Chad Kroeger and Zakk Wylde, guitarist of Black Label Society, and rapper Ludacris to create something explosive.

The video for Pornstar Dancing was shot at Las Vegas’ Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. It features many beautiful women spinning on poles while partying poolside with their band. The music has the right tempo to allow you to dance on stage or in your bedroom.

26. I Kissed a Girl – Katy Perry

I Kissed a Girl - Katy Perry

Although you might not think this song is likely to be a hit in strip clubs, it’s obvious that guys love it when girls get out. Half of the time, girls love it when girls have sex. Many women who work in strip clubs don’t mind expressing their fantasies when they make money.

This song is perfect for girl-on-girl performances in the VIP or champagne rooms of your local titty bar.

27. Got Money – Lil Wayne and T-Pain

This song is a definite hit in the strip club. Every stripper doesn’t want to go home broke, and every man in the club wants to appear like they didn’t have any money. Everyone in the club is excited when this song plays. This song is a hit with both men and women.

It would not be very smart for any DJ not to keep this track in their regular rotation for a while.


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