Best House Music 2021: Top 10 Songs For All Decade

Best House Music 2021 Top 10 Songs For All Decade

Cazzette received many questions regarding House tracks via our website. Cazzette then provides Top 30 Best House Music for you to learn more about your favorite. Did you listen to “Sadness”? Steffi is a household name for her house music, and this song has been voted one of the best House music.

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Top 30 Best House Musics Review Of 2021

Top 30 Best House Musics Review Of 2021

1. The Sun Can’t Compare – Larry Heard Presents Mr. White

This vocal-acid gem was quietly released in 2006 when house music was drowned out with the sound of pumped-up electro. Since then, it’s been a favorite DJ song (for everyone from Ellen Allien and Julio).

2. Steffi, Sadness (Ostgut Ton, 2011)

Steffi’s “Sadness”, a scale model Fleetwood Mac’s song “Dreams”, was recorded in a home studio. Although it’s not a cover song, it uses the same chords and vocal melody as the original. It also swaps out Laurel Canyon melancholy with the details of winter in Berlin, specifically the steam rising from the Panorama Bar while a grey chill presses against windows.

“Belief in me/ My heart hurts/ It takes it/ The sadness,” begins the verse. The chorus is, even more stark: “Loneliness/ Emptiness/ Zero happiness/ Only sadness.”

3. Supermen Lovers – Starlight

“Starlight” is one of my favorite end-of-the-night songs. It never got the attention it deserved, but everyone knows. It may have been featured in a car advertisement, which could explain why. It’s a great song to sing along to, and it is great for when everyone goes home singing it aloud.

4. Kings Of Tomorrow – Finally

It’s difficult to believe that “Finally” was created in Sandy Rivera’s front room due to its luxurious, smooth quality. However, the truth is that most of the greatest bangers were born out of whatever equipment hungry producers have access to and any flat surface they can set it upon.

Rivera’s tribute to CeCe Peniston’s ‘Finally’ was Rivera’s ticket to housing music immortality through his Kings Of Tomorrow project. It was released at the dawn of the millennium and is a slow-release exercise in euphoria. Beautiful pads and a strutting Bottomline unfold beneath Julie McKnight’s high vocal.

Halfway (!) is where you’ll find one of the most ecstatic and low-key dance music drops. The track is a hypnotizing, blissful, and low-key dance track.

5. House Nation – The House Master Boyz and The Rude Boy of House

This 1986 classic, featuring a stuttering, multitracked loop of vocals, brought the joy of robotic machine-funk closer to an even wider audience. It was released on Chicago’s legendary label Dance Mania. These hypnotic vocal surges continue to send chills down spines.

6. Faze Action, In the Trees (Nuphonic, 1996)

“In the Trees”, released at a time when the House’s soulful sensibility was being wiped out by aggressive electronica, was a refreshing breath of air. It featured windy sound effects and a stormy classical orchestration.

The breakout track by Robin and Simon Lee, the outer-London brothers, is not like any other deep-house hit to this point. It features real instrumentation, including real strings, bass and drums, and percussion.

This is a deep, abstracted disco that was no doubt inspired by U.K. jazz-funk jams of the early ’80s. It is like Atmosfear’s “Dancing in Outer Space” and Powerline’s “Double Journey,” which is similar to Arthur Russell’s similarly cello-centric cosmic cries.

7. Gat Décor – Passion (Grant Nelson Remix)

Grant Nelson was an important influence on me as I started producing. Michael Watford was my favorite male House singer. Every time I hear this remix, it gives me goosebumps.

The story goes that Grant was working alongside Michael and also finishing the remix. He asked Michael to do his vibes on it. Although the original didn’t do much for me, Grant did a great job with this remix in his unique UK House style.


We spent over a year documenting Fat Tony, an acid house pioneer who suffered through hell for his love of music and the club community.

The launch party was held at The Lab LDN, where Tony performed a rousing set. This marked Tony’s return to DJing after being clean for 13 years. Tony now plays for everyone from Defected and the Beckhams.

The Cinthie remix is a pumping mix with unrelenting stabs, constant adrenalin, and a vocal hook that rings “My mamma used a say/ There would be a day/ When the truth would not be denied.” This song is for anyone who is currently in their own right – and will be the one to take them out of the door as they are.

9. Pacific State – 808 State

Few UK acts could capture the Chicago sound like Manchester’s 808 states. They not only found the US groove in “Pacific State”, but they also created their unique sound, with a hyperactive bassline and a wailing Saxophone hook that should never work, but it does.

10. Tensnake, In the End (I Want You to Cry) (Running Back, 2009)

Tensnake was instrumental in the rise of deep-house music with “Coma Cat”, his 2010 song. This slow-chilling slice of vocal R& Boogie started life on Munich’s Permanent Vacation label and reached No. After Defected licensed the song, it reached No. 85 on the U.K singles charts.

We will not sound contradictory, but Tensnake’s “At The End (I Want You To Cry)” is our favorite track.

It announces its presence subtly but firmly, with an intimate handshake. If you are familiar with the song, you will recognize the kick drum, splashes of the cymbal, and rollicking triangle pattern immediately you hear them in the mix.

In contrast to the simple introduction, the bulk of the track is jam-packed with sounds and ideas. There are chaotic disco breaks, cross-cut bridges, and whippoorwills oscillators. A steeple’s worth bells. The chorus gives the song its name. There are densely interwoven chords, counterpoints, and melodic tendrils thick as a blackberry bramble.

It features two breakdowns; Lord knows how many codas and innumerable twists. This structure is almost maze-like, which inspires the most dizzying kind of joy.

11. Rhythim Is Rhythim – Strings Of Life

Another 12″ I purchased at a legendary record shop in the 1980s. Jazzy M owned Vinyl Zone, Hammersmith, London. It was a crucial destination for House Imports from America.

I loved Hip-hop at the time and would often pop into Jazzy’s store to find out if he had any products that might convert me. I purchased this product the moment it arrived. It would be a classic, and I didn’t know it.

12. Fuzzy Logik Feat EGYPT – IN THE MORNING

“In the Morning” is the UK’s best-selling song, along with Kyla and Crazy Cousinz’s ‘Do You mind’. The bubbly, 5-minute original was a huge underground hit. Virgin took it and gave it a radio edit and a music video to capitalize on the London sound’s popularity that was extending into house music.

“In The Morning” is still a popular underground song in the capital. It is a ray of sunshine, a pure class song, and one of the most important songs about sex before noon. SW

13. Acid Trax – Phuture

Chicago trio Phuture, featuring DJ Pierre, didn’t realize they were discovering acid house, house music’s stranger, cooler, wide-eyed sibling, when they began playing around with a Roland TB303 synthesizer. They did, and it was amazing. Acid Trax was released in 1987, and it was one of the most influential early tracks that shaped the sound of rave.

14. Lil Louis – French Kiss

Another track that is a staple in the club scene, regardless of its style. This record should not be limited to dark techno clubs on paper. Thanks to its stimulating breakdown and innovative slow-down, it was loved by many outsides of the club scene, including in Turkey, where it was first heard. In exchange for free drinks, I sold my original copy to a local DJ.

15. Motor City Drum Ensemble – SP 11

Deep House is a fun and sexy style. This track is pulsing through gospel samples, open hi-hats, and a strong melody line that will make you feel like you don’t even care.

This song was the first I heard on Leeds’ Cosmic Slop sound system. It is a great sound system and one of the best in Europe, as it was designed for Hope House. This song was my first night out in the city. It will remain in my heart with a hopeful, innocent euphoria.

16. Playing with Knives – Bizarre Inc

Although many tracks from the early 1990s mix House and rave to great effect with some other artists, this energetic stomper is perhaps the most influential. You can burn more calories with the manic piano stabs and the rushing rhythm, as well as the commanding vocals.

17. Marshall Jefferson – Move Your Body

Another DJ International record, and undoubtedly the record that made House music famous. Without it, no Top 10 would be complete. Marshall visited Bournemouth UK in 1992, and I had my first session with him. We ended up sharing the studio, and we made a track together that I still have on my DAT tape. That track is still on a DAT tape somewhere in my archives.

18. The Black Madonna – HE IS THE VOICE I HEAR

The Black Madonna can be a versatile DJ and can play anything from a down-and-dirty techno beat to a Sheffield bassline. But in this 10-minute house tune, she shows her Chicago spirit.

Its minor key should not be misunderstood: the energy and pace are enough to get anyone up. From an emotional, winding piano intro to an anxious violin line, “He Is the Voice I Hear” is an epic journey that propels forwards while also allowing for time for growth and change.

It’s an uplifting, fist-pumping, foot-stomping, uplifting house show that recalls Frankie Knuckles. However, it has a Black Madonna twist. JS

19. Where Love Lives – Alison Limerick

Where Love Lives – Alison Limerick

“Where Love Lives” is a great example of how dance music can do more than borrow melodies and hooks from pop.

Alison Limerick, a UK singer, has rich vocals that are blended over upfront house beats. This makes for a perfect crossover record. It is aimed at mainstream audiences yet retains the dance music credentials.

Although it was originally released in 1990, a remix package sent “Where Love Lies” into the top ten of the UK charts.

20. Joe Smooth – Promised Land

This is a classic that no one can deny and unites House heads around the globe with its message. Joe is a truly lovely man, and I enjoyed meeting him at Armada HQ studios last year during ADE.

I was able to hear his voice in this recording after having met him. It’s no surprise that this track was played at Space Ibiza’s closing.


The track opens up with a nice, breezy beat and a slightly muffled vocal. It reaches its climax, where the vocal can take off. It’s almost like you are transported to another realm of feeling.

It is no surprise that this track was created from the efforts of two house legends: it captures the transportive energy that house music seeks. Every time we listen, the vocals asking “Can it get better?” and declaring “Can’t be any better than this” rings true. Patrick Hinton

22. Love Can’t Turn Around – Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk

This song was originally a riff on Isaac Hayes’s 1975 proto-house disco “I Can’t Turn Around”. It was a collaboration between Farley Keith and Darryl Pandy, a turbo-lunged singer. It’s a crossover hit that has remained popular for decades.

23. Jaydee – Plastic Dreams

It isn’t easy to classify this record. The proof is that it was my house-hating friends that first introduced me to it.

One of a few Hip-hop 12’s I bought in Vinylmania Records on a 1992 shopping trip to NYC. This record is a classic among DJs in any genre.

24. Pete Helle – BIG LOVE

This track runs for more than 10 minutes. This track is well worth its length. It’s like riding on a log flume full of positive vibes, listening to the combination of smooth, rolling sounds and distant vocals. As the sounds of “Big Love” wash over you, it’s almost like your heart is swelling. Enjoy the float by pressing play.

25. Good Life – Inner City

His most popular moment was under the Inner City project, which he co-founded with Paris Grey. With its upbeat vocals and colorful ’80s synths, “Good Life” proved that dance music was not all about grabbing in dark basement clubs. It could also be (whispers it) happy for no reason.

Its joyous hooks were enjoyed by contemporary house stars Hercules, Love Affair, and pop star Rihanna.

26. Tori Amos – Professional Widow (Armand Van Helden Remix)

Armand took this remix apart, using just a few small elements from the original. This was one of many classic remixes he did over a few years. It’s only three elements: drums, bass, and a cheeky vocal. It’s been a constant in my ‘box,’ and I consider it a masterclass of remixing. Many have attempted to replicate it but have not succeeded.


Detroit is most well-known for its techno music, but it also has great house music, thanks to labels like Simply Soul and Mike Banks’ Happy Records, home to Unit 2’s “Sunshine” and another contender for this list.

Terrence Parker is a pianist with a passion almost as strong for God as he is for piano. This combination is as powerful as the roots of gospel and house music alongside disco.

Your soul will be standing with strings and keys, reaching for heaven on Donnie Mark’s remix. Stir in the warmest bass, and a vocal asking, “Happiness, can it feel?”

28. Barbara Tucker – Beautiful People

Although I had previously bought House records, this one changed the way I saw the world. One night I was standing on a speaker stack, pumping my arms to the beat of a New York DJ.

The next morning, I woke up and threw the mixtape that I had received the night before my cassette player. I was greeted by ‘Beautiful People. The night before, I felt the same feeling, and House music made complete sense to me.

I boarded the next train to London and went straight to Release The Groove Records. There, I spent my student allowance on the latest U.S. House/Garage shiploads.

29. Soft House Company – ‎WHAT YOU NEED

Sasha is the epitome of an early 90s Italian piano house. Her original sound, Soft House Company’s “What You Need”, can still be heard today on London pirate radio stations.

It hooks you right away with its stunning lead. The dizzying emotional rush will keep you going for five minutes. You’ll be swept along by its melodic perfection, and you’ll leave the stage with a grin plastered across your face and hair. JR

30. Constipated Monkeys – Cro-Magnon

Erick Morillo’s Subliminal Records was one of the few times I can honestly say I was inspired on a production level. Subliminal Records ushered in a new era for funky, main-room House music. This is what I have tried to emulate in my studio ever since.

Subliminal bridged the gap between tech, prog, and deep House. They released many great records in their first two years and were a label that was no-questions-asked, a must-buy. “Cro-Magnon” had Warren Clarke and me looking up at Jose (Nunez), Harry (Romero), and for some time after that.


Motivational phrases like “wake up, Stand Up” are not afraid to tell you that you have to do something.

“Wake up, Stand Up” by The Lounge Lizards is a call to arms against hate and violence around the globe. Jill Rock Jones’ haunting vocals are accompanied by the deft string playing and bubbling drums.

While the original is a delicious treat, this jazzy Kai Alce Vocal Mix makes it even more so. It features subtle pads that act as mind-relaxing balms and wriggly, ear-tickling notes. Kai is the man for stunning House reworks. You can also hear it here.


Who is the best house music DJ?

David Penn is one of the 20 best house DJs in 2021. Carl Cox. Purple Disco Machine. Moon Rocket. Claptone. Low Steppa Mousse T. Kevin McKay.

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What are the best house playlists on Spotify?

Top House Songs A Different WayNalestar, Miavono. Black Hole – Goodboys RemixGriff and Goodboys Beautiful PeopleDRAY. Chain My HeartTopic. Roads (feat. Done To MeAmes. ChampagneLucky Luke, Paradigm. Heartbreak Anthem (with David Guetta and Little Mix)Galantis.

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Who is the richest DJ in the world?

Calvin Harris, currently the richest DJ on the planet with a net worth of $300 million, is Calvin Harris.


What does a deep house sound like?

Deep house music is an electronic music style that was born out of Chicago house music. Deep house tracks blend the rhythmic beats of traditional house music with jazz-inspired harmonies and basslines.

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House Music has been one of the most controversial genres in the world for decades. Cazzette hopes that this compilation will help you find some songs that fit your taste and style.

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