Best Free Piano Vst 2021: Which Is Better And Why?

Best Free Piano Vst 2021 Which Is Better And Why

Is there a question you have always wanted to know when learning Piano? Is it the sentence “What is the Best Free Piano Vst?” Cazzette’s research shows that nine out of 10 people who have just begun learning Piano have this problem. What is the right answer to this question? The answer is in the article.

It is important to understand what a VST piano can do. Cazzette has put together a list of the most popular and well-known services to ensure you don’t disappoint.

Top 16 Best Free Piano VSTs Review 2021

Top 16 Best Free Piano VSTs Review 2021

Spitfire Audio LABS Soft Piano

Spitfire LABS offers some of the most powerful free plugin tools.

LABS is a series of free software instruments created by musicians and sampling specialists in London. It is constantly updated with new sounds and features an intuitive user interface.

Many professional composers still use their soft piano plugins. Some musicians have used this free VST plugin to create entire albums of solo piano music.

The soft piano has a solemn, warm tone. The sampled instrument was recorded using a thin strip felt between the strings and the hammers to create an evocative sound.


This piano was recorded at Berklee College of Music and packaged in a lightweight package that can be used on Mac or PC for Kontakt.

Upright No. Upright No. 1 has three velocity layers and is sampled round-robin. This means that multiple samples are made for the same note to reduce repetition. It doesn’t take as much space as virtual pianos. This sampler uses about 250MB.

This piano was recorded using two large, close mics. It also has Volume, Reverb, Panning, and Volume controls. There are also Attack, Decay, and Sustain envelope settings. It can be purchased at the Versilian Studios website.

Upright Piano by 99Sounds

Upright Piano by 99Sounds

99Sounds, BPB’s sister site, recently released the Upright Piano VST plugin. It is based on Rudi Fiasco’s set of recordings.

The best thing about the Upright Piano instrument is its ability to sound both real and ludicrous. You can create a tape-like effect by combining the built-in filter and tremolo effects. Rudi Fiasco’s excellent source samples make the instrument sound very real when it is used as-is.

Upright Piano includes key release samples as well as envelope controls to adjust the attack and release times. This 99Sounds offering is a great choice if you are looking for a free, versatile piano VST.

Piano One

Sound Magic’s Piano One is based on the Yamaha C7 Concert Grand. This piano is a real workhorse for professionals. This plugin is directly sampled from the piano and produces a rich, authentic sound at all velocities.

The free VST plugin version is not as powerful as the full version. However, these aren’t major problems.

This plugin is undoubtedly one of the most popular free piano VST plugins.

Ivy Audio Piano in 162

Piano in 162 is a piano sample library that includes a Steinway Model B grand piano. It was created using a thorough sampling approach, which library contains two round robins and five dynamic levels. There is also separate pedal on/off samples.

Round robins refer to the number of samples per note. A random sample will be selected by the plugin each time a note is played. This adds to the authenticity of the sound.

Piano in 162 was recorded at 96kHz using two pairs of Rode NT5 cardioid mics–one in the hall, one inside the piano.

To run this library, you will need a sampler. Piano in 162 can be used with Kontakt full or Plogue Sforzando, which runs a.sfz file. Sfz files store instrument data for software synthesizers.


The Soft Piano plugin was released as part of Spitfire’s LABS project. This simple but extremely well-sampled instrument collection offers the sound of a dampened, low-key piano. Spitfire’s experts have distilled the nuance and feel of a piano playing at its full potential into a unique instrument.

Soft Piano’s sampling is so deep that there are only three controls. Expression (far left) can be thought of as a volume control. The middle slider controls the dynamic response, which determines how Soft Piano responds with your MIDI velocity. The right-hand knob adjusts the reverb.

Soft Piano is available now from the LABS website for free. Soft Piano works in your DAW as a VST/AU/AAX plug-in.

4Front Piano by George Yohng

4Front Piano doesn’t have to be the most advanced virtual instrument. It sounds brighter than you would expect from a parlor piano. Although this allows the 4Front piano to cut through a mix, it may be too bright for solo parts.

Although the instrument doesn’t offer much customization or visualization, it is an excellent free VST plugin for piano that uses virtually no resources. The instrument uses a combination of synthesizing and sampling technology to create a convincing virtual instrument. 4Front is available in VST, AU, and RTAS plugin formats.

SampleScience – Room Piano

Room Piano is a lightweight piano plugin that allows musicians to add a lo-fi feel to their piano sounds. This plugin is based on the Kawai Upright Acoustic Piano and features modulation effects and onboard lo-fi to produce mellow, dusty piano sounds.

SampleScience’s Room Piano is available on both Mac and PC.


  • Amplitude ADSR
  • Vinyl and tape effects
  • Multi-LFO
  • Filter Highpass/Lowpass
  • Reverb in the room

Prism Audio Atmos Piano

Atmos Piano is the perfect plugin for piano if you want to create a dreamy, distant sound. It is ideal for creating intimate atmospheres or a cinematic bed.

Atmos is a robust library of 2.4GB with 241 samples. Two separate microphone sources can be combined with decay and release parameters.

This piano plugin will create an ambient, calming piano soundscape.


Keystone Classic is a sampled VST and electric piano instrument that offers more control.

You can start with the four envelope controls: Attack, Decay Sustain, Sustain, and Release. These control the sound’s character slightly or completely depending on your preferences.

You can choose from five sampled pianos by Steinway, Yamaha, or Fender. Keystone Classic includes a reverb knob, a Velocity Curve setting, LFO rate and depth, a Detune control, and Velocity Curve settings.

It is available for purchase now at BitSonic.

DPiano-A by Dead Duck Software

DPiano A is based upon MDA Piano, an older freeware plugin. It appears that there is no visualization beyond a few settings. It made up for what it lacked in GUI with the many good customization options it offered.

MDA Piano was made open-source software, and Dead Duck Software improved the code to create a better-looking plugin for piano called DPiano A.

DPiano A gives you control over the decay and removal of the envelope, hardness, and treble, as well as the stereo width parameter.

You can adjust the tuning, velocity, and polyphony. You can go far beyond the simple sounds of a piano by playing with the sliding polyphony controls.

Although it isn’t the best-sounding VST for free piano, some great presets can be used for both music and post-sound production for film.

DSK – The Grand

DSK’s “The Grand”, another example of a bright, clean “sketching” VST-piano plugin, is also available.

Its simple design makes it very easy to use in large projects. This allows you to create piano melodies or chord progressions with minimal latency.

The Grand by DSK can be used on both Mac and PC.


  • Four velocity layers
  • Each note contains 4-6 samples.
  • ADSR envelope control
  • Reverb FX


RDG created a grand piano VST after years of collecting samples from other instruments and pianos. This plugin provides AU and VST pianoforte sound and includes Pad and String sounds that can be added to the patch. If you want to add synth or orchestra to your mix, you can use them.

You can adjust the volume, panning, low-pass filter, and reverb controls, three key sound selection sliders: String, Pad Volumes, and Piano. This one is available from RDG Audio.

Soundmagic Piano One

Soundmagic Piano One was created from a Yamaha C7 concert-grand sample. It has a hybrid modeling engine that captures the sound of the Yamaha C7 concert grand.

The engine has both the realistic sound of sampling combined with the playability and modeling. The modeling makes it responsive, while the sampling makes it sound realistic and crisp.

You will find a ridiculous amount of controls to control a piano VST in the user interface. You can customize almost anything. It has many interesting features, including piano noises, audience perspective, tuning systems, and player perspective.


This piano VST, AU, and Kontakt instrument, which is also available for Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol, focuses more on the honky-tonk side of piano instruments. It provides a sampled upright keyboard that can be used for a royal East End knees up.

Cursory parameters are envelope settings (ADSR), volume, and panning. This parameter is more about the quality of the samples.

Sherratt London Piano can be downloaded from BigCat Instruments’ website. Iowa Piano is also available in VST and AU formats.


BigCat Instruments has another entry, this time with a sampled piano. This is the same company that made the Iowa Piano and Skerratt London Piano.

This package contains the SoundFont format for loading into VST and AU samples. It’s Linux-compatible, so that you can use it. However, the actual capabilities of your sampler will dictate how much sonic tweaking you do.


How do I use piano plugins?

You can connect your digital piano to your computer using either a MIDI or USB connectivity port, depending on the model. Install the plug-ins software and connect through your sound card. Step 2: Next, run the software on your computer and configure your digital keyboard.

Search for:

How can I get a free piano?

Here’s how you can get one for almost nothing. Craigslist. People are offering to sell pianos for free or very cheap. eBay. eBay. This search option is rarely used (at least by me) but could lead to your piano for free.

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What is the most realistic piano VST?

Keyscape by Spectrasonics – Most Versatile. Garritan CFX – The best samples of the Yamaha CFX 9-foot concert Grand. VIENNA IMPERIAL VSL – The best piano VST money could buy. Ravenscroft 275 from VI Labs – Our Favorite Pick. Pianoteq7 – The Best Modeled Piano VST.

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Which Daw has the best piano?

FL Studio has the best piano roll of any DAW, according to what I’ve read from pro users and their reviews. After trying out many other DAWs, including Studio One, Live Cubase, and Pro Tools, I finally purchased FL Studio Signature Edition. It’s a complete DAW, but it focuses on loop production.

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Cazzette has compiled the free VSTs for piano services listed above. They were all gathered from her experience and are great resources to learn about the piano. Cazzette also offers many articles on piano. For more information, please visit the website.

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