Best Arabic Music 2021: Top 30 Songs For Many Decade

Best Arabic Music 2021 Top 30 Songs For Many Decade

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Arabic music is a type of music that is loved all over the World. It is a timeless genre with a relaxing melody and a great sound. This article is for beginners. For more information, please refer to the article.

Top 30 Greatest Arabic Songs of All Time

Top 30 Greatest Arabic Songs of All Time

1. El Sawarekh ft. Zuksh & Shehta Karika – Ekhwaty

This Top 50 is kicked off by the Egyptian party song Ekhwaty, written by El Sawarekh (Zuksh) and Shehata Karaikal. Soon after its release, in summer 2020, it became a huge hit.

2. Quds al Atika by Fairuz

Fairuz, a timeless classic, is beloved by all generations. Her song about Jerusalem touches every heart.

3. Samaai Nahawand by Twais

The Twain Quartet, a group of talented musicians from Syria, was founded in Damascus in 2004. Their love for Arabic music and dedication have won them wide praise from the Arab World.

There are also musicians: Issam Rafea, Firas Shahristan, Moslem Rahal (nay), Ragheb Jabeil (Percussion).

4. Saad Lamjarred – Let Go

Let Go is the first song by Saad Lamjarred to be included in this top 100. This song was released in August 2017. The video shows that the Moroccan star has good dancing moves!

5. Habibi Ya Nour El Ayn by Amr Diab

Amr Diab, Egyptian king of Arabic pop, has many songs that Arabs from all over the region know by heart. This is his top-selling song.

6. Masar by Le Trio Joubran

The three brothers who played the oud: Adnan, Wissam, and Wissam, also known as Le Trio Joubran, were born and raised in an ord-making family in Palestine.

The unique design allows the Arabic lute can be used in complex compositions, from atmospheric pieces to quick-fire improvisation.

7. Hussain Al Jassmi – Ahebak

Ahebak is not the final song, but the first one by Emirati singer Hussain Al Jassmi. The song was released in December 2017 by Hussain Al Jassmi and became a huge hit immediately!

8. Shik Shak Shok

Although many artists have sung the song, it is still one of the most popular and hip-shaking Arabic songs ever. It’s almost impossible not to dance to this song!

9. Eastern Love by Rahim AlHaj

Rahim AlHaj, an Iraqi-American composer, oud player, and oud player, is a world-class musician who tells amazing stories through music.

Eastern Love Arabic instrumental music is full of emotion and beauty. It combines the best of both Western and Iraqi classical music to create something completely new.

10. Oka Wi Ortega – El3ab Yalla

In August 2017, the song El3ab Yalla was released by Egyptian duo Oka WI Ortega. It was quickly popularized at Egyptian parties as to the number one song after its release.

11. Alf Lela Wa Lela by Umm Kulthum

Umm, Kulthum is Egypt’s iconic diva. She sings this beautiful, long-lasting song that has remained a favorite among generations and cultures.

12. Fatma by Omar Khairet

Omar Khairat’s great music composition Fatma (Leilet el-Kabd ala Fatma) is known for its fantastic melody.

Khairat’s musical influences include different music genres, such as Arabic, European Classical, Jazz, and Pop. Khairat can blend Egyptian music with international symphonies masterfully.

13. Abdelfattah El Grini – Jabara Fan (Arabic version)

Jabara Fan, the Arabic theme song to the Bollywood film FAN by Shah Rukh Khan, is sung and sung in Arabic by Abdelfattah El grin. It was released in March 2016, and it became a hit in India and the Arabic World.

14. C’est la Vie by Khaled

Khaled, a native Algerian, sings this popular song in Arabic and French. It is still a favorite in North Africa, France, and the Middle East.

15. Inta Umri by Mohamed Abdel Wahab

M Abdel Wahab composed the classic Arabic song Inta Umri.

16. Yara – Ma Baaref

In February 2015, Yara, a Lebanese singer, released Ma Baaref, her love song. The romantic music video has been viewed more than 204,000,000 times!

17. Ah W Noss by Nancy Ajram

Nancy Ajram from Lebanon has one of the most well-known music videos in the Arab World and continues to be at the top of the charts, especially with addictive pop songs like this one.

18. Al bint el shalabiya by Charbel Rouhana

Al bint el shalabiya is a traditional arab song. It’s best known for the version sung and performed by Fairouz, a Lebanese icon. This song is also known for its folk melody, popular in the Greater Syria region before it split into independent countries.

This song was performed on an oud instrument by Charbel Rouhana, a Lebanese musician and composer.

19. Saad Lamjarred – Ghazali

Saad Lamjarred’s catchy song is also available in a music video that features many dance moves. This song was released in March 2018.

20. Granada by Marcel Khalife

Arabic classical music piece composed by Marcel Khalife, Lebanese singer, composer, and oud master.

21. Hamo Bika, Hassan Shakosh, Ali Kadoura & Nour Eliot – Wada3 Ya Donya Wada3

In summer 2019, Egyptian singers Hamo Bika and Hassan Shakosh released Wada3 Ya Donya Wada3. It was one of the most popular Arabic songs of the same year.

22. Al Qantara by Wadi Al-Safi, Sabah Fakhri, Simon Shaheen

This wonderful piece of Arabic classical music is by Simon Shaheen, the oud master, and his Qantara ensemble. It features the tenor vocalists Wadi al-Safi (vocal) and Sabah Fakhri (vocal).

23. Tito & Bondok – Ya Banat Helween

Another Egyptian Mahragat song is on the list. This time, the song was performed by Bondok and Tito. The song was first released in March 2017.

24. Taqsim Rast by Munir Bashir

Munir Bashir (Iraqi Oud player) creates a powerful melody in Taqsim Rast by evoking emotion. He plays with incredible skill and subtle virtuosity.

Bashir is well-known in the Arab World because of his Oud instrument virtuosity and improvisational music, which is still tied to a strict musical system (maqam).

25. Jamila – Blach Blach

Jamila is the first female Moroccan singer to be included on this list. Blach Blach was her first single and became one of the biggest hits that year.

26. Al Bedaya by Hisham Kharma

Hisham Kharma, an Egyptian musician, has a wide range of influences and genres that seem incongruous but come together most harmoniously and melodically.

27. Mahmoud El Leithy – 3am Ya Sayad

3 am Ya Sayad was the theme song for the Egyptian movie Eid El Rabi3 starring Mahmoud El Leony. It was released in April 2017.

28. Saad Lamjarred – Ana Machi Sahel

Ana Machi Sahel’s video was released in July 2016. The video features Saad’s family and his friends. Another hit song for the Moroccan singer was this song.

29. Adham Nabulsi – Howeh El Hob

Adham Nabulsi is the only Jordanian song on this chart. He is well-known for his moving music videos and songs how El Hob is one of these songs. It was released on November 18, 2018.

30. Amjad Jomaa – Ana Lamma Bheb

Amjad Jomaa, a young Syrian musician. His breakthrough came in 2020 when he released Ana Lamma Bob. The music video was released in May 2020. It has already reached the Top 50 most-viewed Arabic songs.


What is the most viewed Arabic song?

Lm3allem, by Saad Lamjarred, is the most viewed Arabic music video on YouTube with more than 900 million views as of February 2021.

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Although it will require dedication, hard work, and time, it is possible. Choose the Arabic language you wish to learn. There are many varieties of Arabic. Begin with the basics. Learn how to use the Arabic dictionary. Learn the language and practice it. Learn the language. Never stop learning.

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