Apple Music Vs Amazon Music 2021: Which Is Better And Why?

Apple Music Vs Amazon Music 2021 Which Is Better And Why

Ever struggled to choose between Apple Music Vs Amazon Music? This is common as almost everyone knows that both are the best music services available today. But do you know all the pros and cons of each? This guide will help you find the best solution.

Music lovers should choose a service that allows them to listen to the wonderful sounds of music. The thing that is most exhausting for music lovers is choosing between services. Both services are possible. Yes. You can still use one service, but see the instructions below.

What is Apple Music?

Apple Music was launched in 2015 following the 2014 acquisition of Beats Electronics, which included the now-discontinued Beats Music subscription.

Apple Music allows you to stream any track from the iTunes catalog on-demand. You can also access all your music on one device, regardless of whether it was purchased from iTunes, copied from CD, or downloaded from the internet.

You can also stream music from the streaming service and get recommendations tailored to you.

How does Apple Music work?

Apple Music offers many features, controls, options, and options. These are some of the most important features to remember:

Play music: To play music, tap any play button on a playlist or tap on an album or song to see a mini-player appear at the bottom of the screen.

To see the Now playing screen, tap on the mini player. You can also use AirPlay, AirPlay, add songs to your library, create a station, and see the lyrics. To exit, swipe down.

Siri: Siri can play the following songs: “Play the top 2021 songs”, “Play more songs like these”, “add Drake’s new album to my library”, and “play my music from Drake”. This will allow you to listen to all Drake’s music that you’ve saved to your library. Siri can also be asked to shuffle songs from an album or playlist.

Search: To search for genres, songs, or albums, tap the magnifying glass button at the bottom right-hand corner. Search works with Apple Music and your music.

You will find top results for Drake songs, albums playlists, artists, and stations. Tap the “Your Library” option at the top to see results from your music collection.

You can build a library by searching for Drake. Next, pick a song. Tap the “+” button and add it to your library. Or tap the three dots beside a song to “Add to Library.”

You can also tap on the three dots to access a “Download” option. This allows offline listening. Once an album is added, the “+” sign will transform into a download sign.

Edit playlists: To add any song or album, tap the three dots (more options button) on the screen. Then select Add to a Playlist.

You can create a new playlist or add to an existing playlist from this screen. You can also sort your playlists or create new ones by clicking Playlists in the Library screen. Fill in the details, then add songs.

Share the music: Tap on the share button for any song or playlist within the three dots menu. To share a link to Facebook, Twitter, Mail, Messages or Copy the link, click the share button.

Hear Apple Music 1: Click on the Radio tab, then tap on the current show on the air. You’ll also see the schedule of upcoming DJs and shows on the radio tab.

You can listen offline with Apple Music. It allows you to download any song, album, or playlist you like to your device. If you are out of range, it is helpful.

To download a song or an album to your device, go to the song or album you want, tap the three dots button to view more options, and select the download button. There are no restrictions on how many songs you can save offline and for how long. Tap the “+” button to add a song or to save it, and tap it again to get it.

Your account: The profile symbol is located in the top-right corner of the Listen Now tab. To access account-related settings such as a list of your friends listening, a subscription upgrade, or managing notifications, tap it.

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What is Amazon Music Unlimited?

Amazon Music Unlimited

There are two types of music streaming services. One is internet radio-like, which randomly plays music for you based upon your preferences, like Pandora in the US. The other is on-demand, which allows you to find and play specific songs such as Spotify or Apple Music.

Amazon Music Unlimited is in the second group. However, it offers various features, including pricing options that set it apart from its competitors.

It’s available to all, but customers who have Amazon Prime already subscribed will be eligible for a discount.

How does Amazon Music Unlimited work?

Listen without ads

Amazon Music Unlimited is similar in many ways to Apple Music and Spotify. It offers millions of songs that you can listen to online, ad-free. You can also access it through mobile apps or the web. It uses algorithms to create recommendations and hand-picked playlists.

Ask Alexa

Amazon promotes the integration of its Music Unlimited service with Echo and Alexa voice assistants. Echo owners can access a lower-cost version of the service (available only on one Echo device at once), and they can also request songs with their voice.

They can stream specific songs, artists, albums, or playlists. Alexa can also pull up the “latest” song from an artist or play music based upon mood, time, activity, and so forth.

Alexa can also locate songs using snippets from lyrics. The Echo plan discount is only available for one device. You cannot use it on your smartphone, tablet, or PC. However, it provides all the same features, including music recommendations and the full music catalog. Amazon Prime Music is also available for Echo owners with two million songs.


Amazon Music Unlimited offers a unique feature called Side-by-Side. This syncs artist’s commentary with racks taken from their catalogs. It features artists such as Jason Aldean and Lindsey Stirling, Norah Jones and OneRepublic, and Kongos.

Apple Music vs. Amazon Music: Which music service wins?

Apple Music vs. Amazon Music Which music service wins


Amazon Music offers a free tier that is not available with Apple Music. You can sign up for Amazon Music and begin listening to your music without spending a dime. It’s very restricted. You can only access Amazon Music’s top playlists, can’t use offline replay, and must listen to ads.

Amazon Prime members can upgrade to Amazon Music Prime for free. However, the library has a limit of 2 million songs compared to the 75+ million of Amazon Music Unlimited.

This is the music tier that music lovers should be most attentive to. A standard individual subscription costs $9.99 per monthly. Amazon Prime members will see the price drop to $7.99, but you must also consider Prime’s $119 annual cost. Prime members can also opt for Unlimited subscriptions at $79 per year.

Mobile and desktop interfaces

Apple Music uses a bright, white interface that allows you to navigate tabs at the bottom of your smartphone screen. You can then access buttons like your Library or the For You tab, which contains suggestions Apple believes you will enjoy, as well as browse, radio, and search options.

Its features are well-organized and easy to use. Apple did not offer a web-based player in the past. You had to use a third-party web player if you wanted other than iTunes. Apple has launched its web player in beta testing as of 2019.

Amazon’s interface is sleek and dark, with its menu located at the bottom of your screen. You can access buttons from left to right to browse, navigate to Recents (tracks that you’ve listened to), enter your Library, or tap on “Alexa”, where voice commands such as stop, play, skip and replay can be issued.

Both services are available for Android and iOS devices.

Music Catalogue

A music streaming service should also have a music catalog. Apple Music is home to over 70 million tracks, which is also good at curation. After selecting your favorites genres and artists, you will receive recommendations tailored to your preferences, playlist, or album.

You may also find exclusives on certain albums. Personal opinion: The albums and artists from the USA and Europe are fairly complete but lack the localized content in certain countries.

Amazon Music is home to over 70 million tracks, dozens of stations, and hundreds of music playlists. The Amazon Music homepage will guide you to new releases, popular and suggested music, playlists, albums, and other information, similar to Apple Music.

You will see that Amazon Music and Apple Music both offer similar offers. They have featured artists such as Drake and Taylor Swift. Apple Music playlists are not my favorite. Although it is well-organized and has various artists every day, I find it to be worse than Spotify or Amazon Music.

Amazon Music Unlimited allows you to buy the song or album from its Digital Store. It lists all music genres, including country, pop, and R& B, at the bottom of the browse section.

Amazon Music and Apple Music share a similar catalog, in which you’ll find the majority of tracks from major labels or records. However, the exclusives may differ.

Apple has taken steps to obtain more exclusives to increase its subscriber base, including Drake’s albums, Taylor Swift’s, Frank Ocean’s, etc. Amazon Music Unlimited was also able to get Garth Brooks, America’s most famous and well-known country singer, as an exclusive.

You can use your primary tastes to help you choose the right one. Apple Music is the right choice if you’re a huge fan of Drake and Taylor Swift.

Streaming Quality

Apple Music will now support Spatial Audio as well as Lossless Audio starting in June 2021. These features are free to Apple Music subscribers. These features will greatly enhance the Apple Music listening experience.

Spatial Audio will combine Dolby Atmos and Spatial Audio to create an immersive, multi-dimensional audio environment that artists can use to mix music. Spatial Audio has been available on Apple TV since 2005. Now it is available on Apple Music.

Apple will upgrade its entire music catalog to Lossless Audio using the ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec), which preserves all details in the original audio file. Apple Music subscribers can now hear songs exactly the way the artists recorded them in the studio.

Lossless Audio will launch with 20 million songs. All 75 million songs will be available in Lossless Audio by 2021.

Standard Lossless tiers start at CD quality. It is 16-bit at 44.1 kHz and goes up to 24-bit at 48 kHz. Hi-Res Lossless tier is also available at 24bit 192 kHz. However, Hi-Res Lossless will require an external digital-to-analog converter.

Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers now have access to Amazon Music HD streaming service at no additional cost, in response to Apple Music’s lossless announcement.

Amazon Music HD was previously $14.99 per month ($12.99 Prime members). This is in contrast to Amazon Music Unlimited ($9.99 per month Prime members).

Apple Music streams lossless audio at 256kbps AAC across all devices. Amazon has not yet revealed the bitrate of its library. However, it is generally agreed that the user audio quality options (low/medium/high) range from 48 Kbps to 320 Kbps.

Except for audiophiles, most listeners won’t notice any difference in the highest-quality streams. However, Amazon Music’s ability to choose the bitrate can be useful if you are concerned about your cellular data.

Cloud locker and offline listening

Apple Music’s secret weapon is the iCloud Music Library. It allows users to sync all downloaded songs across all devices signed in with the same Apple ID. It’s an extremely useful tool that Amazon Music doesn’t have any alternatives to.

Amazon Music Unlimited, like Apple Music Unlimited, has a limit of 100,000 songs for downloads. Amazon allows you to save them to up to 10 devices, but you cannot sync these devices so that your download library remains consistent across all devices.

Apple Music is the winner.

Discovery Features

Apple Music asks for your preferences when you sign up.

Apple Music uses this information to populate it’s For You section with new releases and daily mixes, as well as playlists to suit your tastes. Playlists can be categorized by a specific artist (e.g., jazz or pop) or even an activity such as studying.

Amazon Music’s Home screen houses personalization. However, it isn’t very effective, and the playlists or albums “for you” don’t feel very personalized.

You’ll notice a slight improvement in things once you have added music to your library and listened to radio stations. However, the suggestion accuracy isn’t as good as Apple Music’s curation, and Amazon’s algorithms leave much to be desired.

The best option in this situation is to use the “Customers Also Listed To” button in the media player interface. However, it’s the same option that you’ll find on Amazon’s website and not a unique feature suitable for premium streaming services.

Apple Music’s non-personalized content is located in a separate Browse tab. This tab features trending artists, playlists, top charts, music videos, and more. Browse also houses a TV and Films section, which features Apple-made programming such as Carpool Karaoke or artist documentaries.

Apple Music’s Radio tab offers curated music stations that are tuned to your listening habits, as well as Apple Beats 1 radio station. Beats 1 is a 24-hour radio station that plays an important role in music discovery and offers live radio 24 hours a day. The radio tab has an archive of the most popular radio programs and playlists over time.

Amazon Music’s default radio station is inferior to Apple Music’s. It also doesn’t allow you to create a station using a song, an album, artist, or playlist.

Social sharing

Apple Music subscribers can share their favorite songs and playlists. You can follow your friends to share and create playlists. You can also view what your friends are listening to on Apple’s For You tab, provided you’re connected.

Amazon Music does not have this feature at the moment. You can only share playlists and songs via text or social media.

Speakers and Voice Assistants

Apple Music subscribers can control song playback, queue songs, find song facts and add songs to their library. You can also use Siri to play new songs or create playlists.

Siri Shortcuts are required to get Amazon Music to work with Siri. Even then, it’s not guaranteed to work. It also lacks the Siri skills that Apple Music has.

Amazon Echo speakers and Amazon Fire TV owners can use the Alexa voice assistant to access their DJ skills.

All Amazon Music Unlimited subscriptions work on Amazon Echo or Fire TV devices. Apple Music can be streamed on Amazon Echo devices in the United States, at least. However, it is not as seamless, and you won’t get any Alexa skills.

Apple’s HomePod speaker, on the other hand, is designed to be used with Apple Music. Siri on HomePod can be used to control your Apple Music collection.

Siri voice commands can be used to access content such as playlists, genres, and moods, liking songs or disliking them, playing more music based upon what you’ve heard, creating a new radio station, and many other things.

Amazon Music subscriptions do not allow you to use these functions. However, you can stream audio from your device using the Amazon Music app to HomePod.

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What is better Apple music or prime music?

Apple Music launched lossless music streaming and spatial support. Amazon, however, has added high-fidelity features to Amazon Music Unlimited for no additional charge.

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Which streaming music service is best?

Tidal. Spotify is a high-quality audio service that offers a wide variety of content. Apple Music is easy to use and allows you to discover new music. A streaming service that appeals with intelligent curation and great sound quality… Primephonic… Amazon Music Unlimited… Deezer… Qobuz… YouTube Music.

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What’s the difference between Prime Music and Amazon music?

Amazon Prime Music is included in Prime memberships and is available for free. Amazon Music Unlimited, on the other hand, costs $7.99 per month for Prime members. Prime members who aren’t Prime members pay $9.99 per month.


Is Apple Music or Spotify better?

This is the best option if you already have a large music collection and wish to hear lossless audio. Apple Music is a better alternative to Spotify because you can combine songs from your existing music library with the Apple Music streaming catalog. Siri users have more powerful voice controls to playback.

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No matter what service they use, their functionality may not be comparable to amazon music vs apple music. Apple Music is, however, still the most prominent of these services. Amazon Music Unlimited is a great service, but it has fewer features than Apple Music.

Apple Music’s interface and apps are easier to use than Amazon Music Unlimited. Apple’s music personalization, management, and management capabilities easily outperform its competitors. Apple Music subscribers also get better social features and access to more content such as radio shows, exclusive artist releases, and live performances and concerts. Concert.

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions. The article will be quickly updated to reflect current events.

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