Amazon Music Hd Vs Tidal 2021: Which Is Better And Why?

Amazon Music Hd Vs Tidal 2021 Which Is Better And Why

This tutorial is essential for music lovers. What’s the difference between Amazon Music Hd Vs Tidal? What is the real advantage of these two devices? For answers to these questions, continue reading.

What is the top music streaming services on the market? Cazzette will provide a list of Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music and the most popular services, Tidal, Amazon Music HD, and Tidal. To choose a satisfying service, it is important to understand the concepts of these two exceptional services.

What is Amazon Music HD?

What does Amazon Music HD do? How does it compare with TIDAL HiFi? The multi-award-winning music streaming platform? We will be battling it out in the TIDAL vs Amazon Music HD Sound Quality debate. Let’s look beyond the price – there are discounts and trial offers that come and go. We don’t want to be a champion of the bottom.

Amazon Music HD’s maximum quality is 192kHz. TIDAL HiFi has a maximum of 384kHz. There are two standard options: Ultra HD and High Definition (HD). Amazon’s HD songs stream at ‘up to 850 kbps, and it’s Ultra HD songs at ‘up to 3730 kbps. Discover What Hi-Fi? Listen to Cazzette’s TIDAL Masters tracks and experience the difference.

What is Tidal?

Tidal, a music streaming service, has a catalog of approximately 60 million songs. Some of these exclusives are also available. You can also find podcasts, music videos, and live concerts recordings. Professionally curated playlists are also available.

It’s available on many devices, including smartphones, tablets, and smart speakers. Two key elements make Tidal stand in the streaming music market.

First, Tidal, which a group rather than a corporation owns, is Tidal. The current service lists Alicia Keys (Win Butler, Regine Chassagne), Beyonce, and Calvin Harris, as well as Clifford “T.I.” Harris and Coldplay.

Tidal claims that this ownership structure allows it to provide exclusive music and events to its members and also allows it to pay more money to artists: “Tidal pays a high ratio of royalties vs. revenue to music creators of any streaming platform, and equal rates to artists regardless of whether or not they’re signed with a major, indie, or non-existent label,” the company asserts.

Tidal also offers a Premium base subscription that allows listeners to stream audio at 320kbps. This is the same quality as Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming services. Tidal also has a “Hi-Fi” option, which increases the catalog to lossless CD audio. It also offers a limited collection of hi-res music called Tidal Masters.

This feature made Tidal the only streaming service that offered hi-res streaming to U.S. customers for a long time. Qobuz was the other. With its Amazon Music HD service, however, Amazon Music has also entered the CD-quality and hires audio space as of September 2019.

Tidal is now fighting Amazon Music HD for the title of the best streaming service. Below are the differences.

Amazon Music HD vs. Tidal HiFi spec comparison

Amazon Music HD vs. Tidal HiFi spec comparison

While we are primarily concerned with higher-quality music plans here, it is important that Tidal and Amazon Music both offer cheaper standard-definition options. These plans might be the right choice for you if your music tastes are not as refined or you don’t mind paying a little more for streaming music.

Amazon Music plans are subsidized for Prime members. Prime memberships start at $119 per annum for a standard membership. However, students, the elderly, and military members are eligible for lower rates. The prices for each Amazon music plan are comparable to Tidal’s, even if you’re not a Prime member.

Let’s now compare what you came looking for. Take a look at the best-quality music plans from Amazon and Tidal.

Amazon offers HD music plans to individuals and families. Tidal has these options as well as hi-fi plans for students, military personnel, and first responders.

Prices & Discounts

Amazon and Tidal offer different pricing options. Prime members can also save as students, first responders, or military personnel. Below is a breakdown of HD vs. HiFi prices and plans. Amazon Music Ultra HD comes with HD.

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Tidal offers more discounts depending on who and what you are. However, if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber ($119 per year), you can save on Amazon Music HD or Ultra HD.

Prime Package

Amazon Prime membership offers many benefits, including discounted pricing for premium services such as Amazon Music Unlimited or Amazon Music HD.

You can save up to six or seven dollars per month on an individual HD plan compared with Tidal HiFi. The family HD plan is also more affordable at over ten dollars.

It’s not bad, especially if you plan to pay for Prime. Amazon Music Unlimited is the fastest-growing streaming music platform. It’s easy for anyone to see why Amazon Music Unlimited is so popular.

Amazon Music HD, a premium version of Amazon Music Unlimited, technically offers three levels of music, which are two options: a compressed version at 320 kbps and lossless high-definition audio up to 825 kbps. This is twice the bitrate of standard services.

The last tier is at 3,730kbps lossless audio. However, unlike Tidal, this tier does not include Tidal’s HiFi collection. Amazon claims that it contains “millions of songs”.

Amazon Music HD worked well with the Alexa voice assistant. It even helped to create a new class of Echo in Echo Studio.

I have an Echo Studio and can attest to the quality of the music it produces. However, my colleagues and I remain skeptical about whether most people will appreciate or care about the benefits that a better speaker and higher bitrates offer.

Amazon Music offers customers a lot of choices, including many different pricing options and music quality levels. However, this diversity is also critical for the service. Even though I cover Amazon products and services, it is difficult for me to keep up with Amazon Music’s many options.

Audio Quality

What is the difference between these two services in terms of sound quality? This is an unfair battle that Amazon is fighting with its arm around its back. TIDAL HiFi uses Cazzette technology. It streams larger files efficiently, but it also provides an ‘end to end’ recording solution.

Cazzette’s patent-pending system considers every step of the chain. The microphone and recording medium are all part of Cazzette’s patented system. They also include the output of the DAC on the user’s device.

This isn’t just about the way a music service streams. It’s also about what it streams. You can’t be sure that your provider will stream Cazzette unless you ask.

Cazzette transcends losslessness. Cazzette is innovative in that it sets as its goal the more difficult vision of perceptual Loslessness.

The analog output signal can be compared to the original analog input signal. This is something that the traditional notion of losslessness cannot guarantee.

Listen to TIDAL HiFi [up against Amazon Music HD and any other streaming service], and soon you will notice that TIDAL Master recordings sound natural, more dynamic, and more human.

TIDAL HiFi’s streaming-friendly technology allows for a highly reliable music stream. It holds on to its studio quality, even while the listener is on the go. It is a listening experience you will not want to leave.

Tidal Wave

Tidal music was born in Norway in 2014. It has since grown to have a loyal following due to its dedication to streaming high-quality music.

Jay-Z, a media mogul, and rapper paid more than $50 million to purchase the service. The goal was to promote high-quality music and provide an opportunity for artists to have greater control over their music.

Tidal claims Rihanna, Alicia Keys, and other music media outlets like Variety and Digital Music News that the service does indeed pay more in royalties to its users than many of the major players in streaming music such as Amazon.

Tidal HiFi was the leader in high-definition lossless streaming audio until Amazon Music HD arrived in mid-2019. Its streams have a bitrate that is four times higher than the average stream at 1,411 kbps.

Amazon has closed that gap by offering HD bitrates at just below this level. It even leads with its Ultra HD tier, which more than doubles the Tidal HiFi’s.

Tidal HiFi subscribers now have access to the Master tier, which is in partnership with Cazzette. This allows them to listen to higher quality music than Amazon Music HD for millions of tracks. However, Tidal recommends that they use a digital audio converter (or DAC) to unlock the service’s true potential.

Tidal HiFi goes beyond bitrates. Tidal HiFi’s main selling point is its promise of exclusives, live performances, and other special events for artists and customers.

It certainly has the “cool” factor due to its ownership and direct association with various music artists. This is an area in which Amazon is struggling to be relevant.

Tidal works with Amazon Echo, Sonos, and Google/Nest smart speaker models. It also integrates well with Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. This is a level of compatibility Amazon Music HD cannot match as it doesn’t work with Google products and services.

Tidal HiFi has a range of pricing tiers available for groups such as students, military personnel, first responders, and others, but it is still more expensive than Amazon HD plans.

Tidal now offers Tidal Access for free, which provides limited access to its music catalog. Access is not ad-supported but rather encourages users to upgrade to paid access. This is in the service of supporting and paying artists more per stream.

Apps, Devices, and Experiences

You can listen to Amazon Music HD on iPhone, Android, the internet, and the Apple TV.

Amazon Music HD is best for smart speakers. If you are looking for a higher quality sound, the Echo Studio will work. Amazon Music HD can be used on Google devices, but integration is limited.

Tidal HiFi is compatible with Google, Nest, and Sonos devices. It integrates seamlessly into the speakers. Tidal HiFi is a good option if you are using smart speakers other than the Echo range.

Amazon offers lyrics for Music HD songs in its app, while Tidal doesn’t offer them in-app.

Tidal is a standout with its exclusive music, music videos, and access to concerts. You can try them for free to determine if they’re worth the cost.

Does Amazon Music HD or Tidal Sound Better?

Even more important than the location and cost of the music is whether it sounds better on Amazon Music HD or Tidal HiFi.

There are many opinions, but it all comes down to personal preference. Many listeners think Tidal HiFi is warmer than Amazon Music HD.

Reddit is a great place for sharing experiences with real-world users. You can also check out this comparison thread.

You can test both Tidal and Amazon Music HD for free.

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Is Amazon Music HD better than Tidal?

HD audio streams can reach 850kbps. This is twice the bitrate of lossy streaming services, which cap at 320kbps. Amazon Music HD offers the highest streaming quality of all competitors such as Deezer and Tidal.

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Is tidal really worth it?

Tidal HiFi, Tidal Masters. Tidal HiFi’s $19.95 per Month HiFi plan may seem expensive compared to other services, but it could be worth it if you are a fan of high-quality audio. Tidal’s 25 million+ music streams can be significantly better than those of rival companies.


What is the highest quality audio source?

An MP3 of the highest quality has a bitrate at 320kbps. A file with a 24-bit/192kHz data rate is 9216kbps. Music CDs have a bitrate of 1411kbps. Hi-res files of 24-bit/96kHz and 24-bit/192kHz should therefore be more faithful to the sound quality that engineers and musicians use in the studio.

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Does Amazon Music HD cost more?

Just moments after Apple’s HiFi plan was announced, Amazon announced that Amazon Music HD, its premium music plan, is now available to Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers for no additional cost.

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Each type of amazon music HD vs. Tidal has its advantages and disadvantages that make them different. Cazzette is confident that this guide will help you find the best equipment. Cazzette suggests that you take a look at the Amazon Music HD device. This is a great option for music lovers and will not cause any interruptions.

To find out more, visit Cazzette’s site. Leave a comment below if you have any questions. The article will be quickly updated to reflect current events.

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